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Children's & Youth Room at Greenpicks

Eco-friendly products for pollution-free air in children‘s and youth room

Play, learn, sleep – children and young people spend much of their time indoors. Therefore, an eco-friendly design of the living spaces is useful – especially in the children’s and youth room. Toxic chemical cocktails can arise from paints and coatings during renovation work. Also chemical vapors may come out from furniture, textiles and children's toys and other furnishings and utensils. They spread in the air and make it difficult to breathe.

Pollution-free children's furniture

For a pollution-free living environment, many manufacturers now offer sustainable alternatives. Be it eco children's furniture made of wood from sustainable forests that are recognized by the FSC seal (Forestry Stewardship Council). Or baby cradles and hammocks, made of 100 % GOTS certified organic cotton.

Eco-conscious parents are looking for children’s furniture according to whether they are robust and free of pollutants. In addition, children and youth furniture are utility object and playing object the same time. For the imagination of the child convertible furniture is just the right thing. The practical furniture is transformed in a few steps and makes your table into a cave or a seat cushion a deserted island where your child falls back in between. Children and youth furniture with timeless design made from FSC-certified wood are particularly stable and durable, which makes them customizable to the changing interests of young people. With upcycling accessories and bedding made from organic cotton, the children's bedroom quickly gets a taste and age appropriate setting.

With children’s and youth furniture as well as with mattresses & mattress topper, lamps & lighting you should also watch out for the safety, compatibleness and the used materials. Information about eco-friendly and pollution-free materials are provided by approved certification marks and seals of approval as the FSC label, Oeco-Control and Blue Angel.

Much more eco-friendly products for children, youth and babys

Especially babies tap into their world, where they take things in their mouths. As long as babies take only non-toxic in the mouth, this is not bad. For this especially children's toys made of bioplastic or recycled cardboard are best. This eco-friendly toy is free of harmful plasticizers or other poisons. – But not enough: to prevent the children's sensitive skin from coming in contact with toxic substances in textiles, many manufacturers offer organic baby’s wear and children's wear. This is not only smart, but also they are made from organic cotton and dyed toxic-free.

Green alternatives and eco-friendly products prevent stale air in children's and youth rooms. And for environmentally friendly cleaning we recommend eco-friendly cleaner.