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Organic and vegan blankets & pillows made of natural materials

Sleeping is one of the essential things in life. In the night we recover from the exertions of the past day and recharge our batteries for the next day. In addition to a bed and an eco mattress, duvet and pillow are crucial to our well-being and mood. Bedding made of down, cashmere, kapok, natural fibres, silk, wool as well as fillings made of organic millet husks, spelt husks and sea grass ensure a comfortable sleeping climate without pollutant load. Many of the organic blankets & pillows are suitable for allergy sufferers of house dust, asthmatics, vegans and children. A good requirement for a heathy and restful sleep is ecological bedding made from natural materials from sustainable production.

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The good is so close: natural fibres for the bed

Since people spend about one third of their lives in bed, it is literally close to choose carefully bedspreads. Blankets and pillows made of high quality natural materials ensure a healthy sleeping climate. Eco seals such as the GOTS seal (Global Organic Textile Standard) certify that it is environmentally friendly and free of pollutants from cultivation, through extraction to production for humans, animals and nature. The world-wide recognized seal certifies down and natural fibres, e.g. organic cotton. This applies to both the bedding and the pillowcase. Chemical additives, substances and processes which could harm man or nature are prohibited.

The Fairtrade seal also ensures that the natural fibres are obtained and manufactured at fair conditions. The people involved in the production receive an appropriate payment which corresponds to a fair wage in the country of production. The Fairtrade standard regulates social, ecological and economic requirements.

For home textiles very often organic cotton is used, because it is very hard-wearing and easy-care. Organic fillings for duvets and pillows can be made of down, cereal husks, wool, silk and kapok. Personal preferences decide whether you prefer a down duvet, a feather bed or a wool blanket. The cushion depends on the type of sleep. Whether you sleep on the back, on the side or on the belly, size, shape and material have a decisive influence on a healthy night's rest.

Organic blankets for all four seasons

Depending on the season and personal needs, people choose quite different bedspreads. Refreshing luxury for the summer is a light, soft, supple and breathable blanket, filled with organic down and surrounded by organic cotton. Also light and cool for hot summer nights is a silk blanket. Or would you prefer to cuddle up in warm down quilt in wintertime?

If you feel too warm in down blanket and with a cotton duvet it is not warm enough, an organic woolen blanket is a good choice. The sheep's wool keeps warm and can absorb a lot of moisture and dissipate it. Wool in ecological quality for eco bedding is from certified organic livestock. For vegans, a good alternative to down and wool blanket is a blanket filled with TENCEL®. TENCEL® is a 100% natural fibre of botanical origin. Bedding with Tencel content absorbs very well moisture and is climate-regulating. The unique closed manufacturing process distinguishes TENCEL® as particularly environmentally friendly.

Who wants to have always ready the right bedspreads for the whole year decides for a flexible all season blanket. It consists of a spring/autumn bedcover and a summer blanket. With the help of small buttons the blankets are connected and the winter blanket is finished. As in the seventh heaven, you sleep under the ultra-light blanket in the summer. In the spring and autumn you crawl under the spring/autumn duvet and in the winter you cuddle in the warm combination of winter bed cover.

No matter which bedding you choose, all the duvets at Greenpicks meet ecological and sustainable requirements.

Harmless pillow fight for eco-activists

The more pillows, the better the pillow fight. But how many organic pillows, which shape and size you need is decided by personal requirements. A flat pillow, which softly embeds the back of the head and supports the neck area, is ideal for people sleeping on the back. A slightly higher pillow can be used by persons sleeping predominantly on the side. The main feature is that the neck, the cervical vertebrae and thoracic spine are as straight as possible. Ergonomically well-bedded are belly sleepers when they put a pillow in front of their abdomen.

With a good feeling, you can fall asleep if you opt for a pillow with natural and pollutant-tested filling. Naturally, all cushions at Greenpicks correspond to our sustainability criteria. For down pillows, side sleeping pillows, neck supporting pillows, nursing pillows and neck cushion, the fillings come from certified organic farming and fair trade as well as for travel pillows and sofa cushions.

Anti-allergic duvets and pillows

Allergy sufferers to house dust should pay attention to the purchase of blankets and pillows on the anti-allergic seal Nomite. The down must comply with strict hygiene regulations. And the cotton fabric must be made of quality yarn with a very high weaving density. Also an advantage for people suffering from asthma. Bad luck for house mites!

Ergonomic pillows, organic spelt and millet husks pillows and herbal pillows

Sleep disturbances or vegan? Then pillows filled with organic millet husks or spelt husks and herbal pillows are an ecologically safe alternative. The natural materials from renewable resources have a soporific effect on many people. Cereal shells mixed with natural latex (rubber) make them more stable and durable. The natural rubber used for the ergonomic pillow is bought according to the criteria of fair trade. The degree of hardness of the natural blankets & pillows can be set individually with the help of refill packs.

No matter how your biological clock ticks – whether lark or owl – design your sleeping landscape that you feel relaxed, healthy and powerful after sleeping. Greenpicks supports you with natural blankets & pillows in high organic quality.

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