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Vital nutrients in addition to dog food

For every four-legged creature, movement and a balanced diet are important for a healthy life. An adequate diet for dogs contains all vital nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, protein and fats as well as possibly carbohydrates and promotes capacity and well-being. As in any life, extraordinary events, such as pregnancy, illness, surgery, and subsequent convalescence, sometimes require exceptional measures that require eco health supplement of organic food and the addition of vitamins and minerals supplemental to dog food. Even with puppies, the individual need for vitamins and minerals can be higher. In addition, organic supplement is recommended if you barf the dog (biologically appropriate raw food) or feed it vegan. Please note that dog’s health supplements are not a cure and do not substitute for a balanced and appropriate diet of the dog or a visit to a veterinarian.

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Certified organic heath supplement – tasty and rich in vitamins

In addition to choosing the appropriate supplement for dogs, the quality is crucial. Instead of mixtures of artificial or nature-identical vitamins, you should give preference to agents whose raw materials come from certified organic farming. The European ABCERT seal, the German organic seal or the Dutch EKO seal certify organic supplement according to the EC ecological regulation. Beyond minimum standards, that is even more organic quality for health supplement for dogs are offered by manufacturers that process e.g. Demeter, Bioland, Biokreis and Ecoland certified ingredients in the dietary supplements. For example, organic labels regulate, to varying degrees, which fertilizers and pesticides may be used, how gentle and natural the processing is, how animals are kept in an appropriate manner and how biodynamic plant breeding takes place.

As a result, this means for dog owners that they administer their four-legged friends with health supplement from certified organic cultivation vital vitamins such as valuable proteins, essential fatty acids, herbal extracts, brewer's yeast, cereal flakes and fish oil as well as vegan and gluten-free rice, carrot, spinach and other flakes, whenever necessary.

Organic vitamins for dogs support the entire organism

Organic dietary supplements for dogs are available for the strengthening of bones, joints, stomach, intestines, digestion, dental care, skin and coat as well as for mobility and vitality, well-being and calming. As tablets, powders, drops, flakes, pastes, gel or oil, they are mixed with the dog food according to the dosage information on the recyclable packaging. The supplementary dog food strengthens the immune system, protects against vermin and supports the entire organism. The most important vitamins for the dog are:

  • Vitamin A for dogs: strengthens the sight and the immune system, supports the metabolism and a normal development of the skin.
  • Calcium for dogs: for a healthy bone grafting
  • Vitamin D for dogs: supports the entrainment of calcium
  • Vitamin K for dogs: supports blood clotting
  • Vitamin B1 for dogs: strengthens the nervous system; Valerian operates relaxing
  • Vitamin B2 for dogs: supports fat and protein metabolism

Supplements in the eco dog shop at Greenpicks

The dog gets important nutrients with organic wet food and organic dry dog food as well as with homemade food, which should be rich in protein and enriched with vegetables and possibly with grain. If there is a need to supplement dog food with vitamins and minerals, certified organic supplements are available online at Greenpicks as pastes, oils and powders. The eco dog shop at Greenpicks helps dogs to vitality, health and activity and strengthens the body's defences of the faithful four-legged companion with nutritional supplements such as vegetable flakes, carrot or beetroot chips, salmon oil, coconut oil and hemp oil.

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