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Diapering at Greenpicks

How to make diapering as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible?

The first time with a baby is characterised by diapering, breastfeeding, feeding, body care and affection. A good organization around the baby is helpful for a smooth procedure. Stress is avoided and not transferred to the newborn. Which utensils are actually needed for changing a baby? And how can this be as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible? After all, a baby consumes an average of about 6,000 diapers up to three years of age.

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Cloth nappies or disposable diapers?

Both cloth diapers and disposable nappies have advantages and disadvantages. Disposable diapers are more expensive than cloth nappies and produce lots of garbage. Cloth diapers must be changed and washed more frequently. Meanwhile, various manufacturers offer eco nappies which are more environmentally compatible compared to classic disposable diapers. They consist of biodegradable materials and are chlorine-free bleached, FSC® certified pulp. Cloth diapers avoid mountains of rubbish and can be cleaned in the washing machine. Ultimately, the ecological awareness of parents decides which kind of diaper they prefer and with which they get along best.

Eco-friendly baby changing supplies – necessary care products for the baby

In addition to fresh diapers, it is handy to have the essentials, such as washcloths, creams and clothing when changing a baby’s nappy. This will save you the trouble searching for baby accessories and your child unnecessary waiting period and laytime. It is practical to accommodate the wrapping accessories in a baby's changing unit or in a shelf. The furniture for the baby room does not necessarily have to be newly purchased. Frequently, furniture for the baby room can be found on so-called baby second hand shops or regional flea markets.

Wherever you swaddle your baby, pleasant for mother or father and child is a clean and also quiet atmosphere. Basically almost every surface is suitable for changing diapers. The washing machine, a table and even a park bench quickly become a good place for changing a baby’s diaper with a changing mat made of pollutant-reduced materials (without plasticizers and phthalates). In a nappy pail or a diaper bag, dirty nappies are kept odourless. Dirty laundry can be collected in a laundry bag made of organic cotton. Many baby’s changing pads can be rolled up and are also a practical and hygienic companion on the road. Small unsettled toddlers can be engaged and distracted during diapering with mobiles, music boxes or grasping toys.

Changing nappies is not only a pure functional process, but also a good opportunity to give the newborn affection and love. During the naked bottom is aired, your child will be delighted with gentle strokes. Babies like to get a light massage while diapering and to hear the parents' voice. Not infrequently, the baby is so much relaxed that it sometimes pees. A washable cover protects the changing pad. The slipcover is not only cuddly, but also made of skin-friendly organic cotton. Also, the sheet protects when you clean your baby. Lukewarm water and, if necessary, a few drops of oil are sufficient for babies' care.

Multifunctional eco changing bags

On the go, a diaper bag is a very practical accessory for parents to be able to swaddle anytime and anywhere. It is equipped with many different small and large compartments to package the baby accessories perfectly organized. Modern baby changing bags are also made from sustainable and recyclable materials. Their function is not visible from the outside. Eco changing bags are multifunctional designed and convertible. If the baby is outgrown of the nappies, the diaper bag becomes a trendy shopping bag, a picnic bag or a versatile sport and leisure bag for women and men.

Well-equipped diaper bags contain, in addition to clearly arranged compartments and separate pockets for baby bottle and dirty nappies, a changing pad, a bottle warmer, straps and clips to attach to the baby carriage. Nappy bags are very spacious and, in addition to diaper supplies, can also accommodate important utensils, such as keys, mobile phone and laptop in specially designed compartments. If the baby has outgrown of the “diapering period”, the changing bag can easily be converted into a backpack, shoulder bag or small travel bag. So you decide for sustainable baby accessories, taking much pleasure for a long time.

Environmental friendly diapering

At Greenpicks you will find accessories for diapering, which meet our sustainability criteria and meet ecological standards. For this, vegan, compostable, recyclable and always skin-friendly materials are used, which support the environmentally friendly changing of a baby.

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