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The future of sustainable purses

The cash-free payment by EC or credit card as well as by smartphone at the till is simple and finds more and more followers worldwide. While older people find it difficult to imagine bread, newspapers and groceries are not being paid in cash, young people often find it very easy to do all their shopping with their mobile phones. Despite ever new cash alternatives, coins and notes – depending on the country – still have a long future. Thus, the good old purses will be a companion for a long time in everyday life. Sustainable wallets not only hold cash but also passport, membership and debit cards, driver's license, receipts, travel documents and other important valuables.

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Eco wallets and upcycling purses reflect the character

"The purse is like a business card of the personality," says business psychologist Alfred Gebert. Depending on whether it is big or small, functional or playfully decorated, whether the wallet is made of leather, fabric, neoprene, tarpaulin or faux leather – all these features reflect the relationship between purse and owner. And that's where sustainability comes into play! Anyone who understands Green Lifestyle not only as a fashion trend, but also accomplishes life in a way that respects the environment, also pays attention to sustainable materials and environmentally and socially compatible production methods.

Boundless diversity thanks to ecological standards

In addition to vegetable-tanned natural leather, purses and wallets can be made of vegan leather, recycled leather and upcycling materials such as tarpaulins, coffee sacks, tea bags, bicycle hose, car tires in combination with felt, refined newsprint and sturdy cotton fabrics. The variety of recycled materials for upcycling purses is unlimited and imaginative. With proper care, the purses are a constant everyday companion.

Eco seals such as Fairtrade®, OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, NATURLEDER IVN certified check the raw materials, processing and production methods for purses, cases and wallets for various sustainability criteria. Depending on the certification, resources, environmental and health protection, social responsibility and fair payment are in the focus.

The league of eco wallets and upcycling purses

As a brother of the clutch, the waiter purse has several slots for bank notes and cards as well as a compartment for coins. ID, shopping vouchers, credit card receipts and other important documents also can be stored. The extra large wallets can be closed with a zipper or with a push button and offer a clear segmentation.

"Order is half the life, disorder the whole." This motto is followed by the pouch that manages the chaos. On the other hand the money clip is puristic, the mini purse is minimalistic. The small wallet offers just as much space as is necessary for a hiking trip, an evening in the disco or in the cocktail bar: a few coins and bank notes, ID card, EC card and credit card. The handy wallets fit into small handbags and trouser pockets. A case is for everyone who prefers to pay cashless, but wants to keep membership cards, EC and credit card orderly.

The purse gives an insight into the sustainable lifestyle of the owners. The range at Greenpicks joins the league of organic wallets and upcycling purses, which offers the right safe-keeping for every style and every situation in life. Show your personality!

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