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Herbs & Spices at Greenpicks

Organic herbs and spices as natural flavours

Herbs and spices give each organic food and drink a very special touch. It is easy to dispense flavour enhancers and artificial flavours with the preparation of healthy organic food. Whether native herbs or oriental spices – the diversity of these natural spice is limitless. Particularly vegans and allergy sufferers know to appreciate organic herbs and organic spices. Free of animal ingredients and chemical additives Fair Trade spices are often better tolerated than conventional herbs. These foods are increasingly available in organic quality be recognized by the German or European organic seal.

Herbs and spices from certified organic farming

Also herbs and spices are grown in certified organic cultivation according to strict specifications. Only organic fertilisers are used. The pest and weed control is done in a natural way. Both in the cultivation of organic herbs and organic spices, as well as in the further processing no genetic engineering is applied. Processing of condiments and medicinal herbs is subject to the provisions of the EU regulation of organic farming. In addition raw materials and the natural production of the herbs and spices guarantee high quality for the consumer. By not using synthetic additives or fillers and the gentle processing the flavours and active ingredients remain intact. The consumer will benefit from natural, sustainable taste. Organic herbs and organic spices refine your favourite foods. And organic medicinal herbs are often useful companions in folk medicine and naturopathy to alleviate diseases in a natural way or to heal them completely.

Enjoy herbs and spices from organic cultivation and wild harvesting at Greenpicks.