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Multifunctional headbands for women in organic quality

Headbands for women can also include tube scarves. For fashionitas and athletes, these accessories fulfil both fashion requirements and functional properties. They keep the ears and forehead warm and prevent long hair from falling into the face. This is especially beneficial during outdoor activities and strenuous workouts. Multifunctional headbands keep your forehead dry during activities that make you sweat. Whether jogging or doing power yoga, sportswomen always have a clear field of vision without sweat running into their eyes.

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Organic certified headbands for cold and warm days.

Organic wool warms the sensitive to cold parts of the head in winter. Whether alpaca wool, merino wool or cashmere – these natural fibres are temperature balancing. The wool is obtained in an animal-friendly way. The shearing of alpacas, sheep and cashmere goats is considered by international standards to be compatible with animal welfare and is done by hand according to ancient tradition – not industrially. The dyes used in the dyed wool are environmentally friendly and kind to the skin. They comply with the strict guidelines of the International Association of Natural Textile Industry (IVN).

Wide headbands made of organic cotton fleece also provide good protection against the cold. Plain-coloured headbands are easy to pair. As an elegant detail fine knitted can be blended in many outfits. A Norwegian motif makes it traditional. A very feminine look is achieved with models with a floral pattern or with coarsely knitted headbands with a classic cable stitch.

Light and airy headbands made of certified organic cotton are pleasant for summer and sports. The natural fibre does not only catch drops of sweat, but is also considered particularly skin-friendly. This is because organic cotton is grown without pesticides and chemical defoliant. The Global Organic Textile Standard, the Green Button, STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® identify fabrics that are processed and tested according to ecological criteria. In this context, GOTS and IVN Best have the world's highest standard for certified organic cultivation.

Whether with a short hairstyle or a ponytail hairdo – a bandana provides more freedom of movement when jogging, climbing and practising other leisure activities. Long hairstyles stay in shape because the hair can be worn open under the headband.

Decorative and practical headgear

For a balanced look, the headband should be matched to the face shape. Hairbands with extreme width ensure maximum comfort in winter. Certified organic wool and organic cotton fleece ensure that the ears and forehead are well warmed. Headbands and hair bands are easy to care for and can be washed at 30 degrees with a mild detergent at the gentle cycle. Wool headbands should be washed cold with a special wool detergent and laid out flat on a terry towel to dry.

Greenpicks tips: Functional headbands made of recycled blended fabric can also be used as a scarf, as a sweatband or as a mouth guard against dust and cold. Hair wrap bands are also practical for daily facial care or make up, as they effectively hold the hair together for undisturbed application of lotion and styling.

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