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Slow movement with organic wellness products

Who does not feel the need after a hard day's work? Put your feet up and recover! But nothing bothers people as much as the hunt for relaxation. No reason to flee to a spa hotel. With only a few aids and appliances, you can create your wellness world at home and take care of your well-being. Already a good cup of organic tea and aromatic fragrances from a diffuser can help to relax in a 20-minute break and have a decelerating effect. The motto is, get down from the gas pedal.

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Natural Wellness – the commitment to the well-being of man and nature

In a sustainable sense, wellness includes the good company with oneself and with nature. Especially in late autumn and winter, we long for a hot bath and a pampering massage. This means e.g. for cosmetic products, such as bath additives and massage oil, that the natural ingredients come from certified organic farming, from controlled wild harvesting and are without animal ingredients. Partly close-to-nature ingredients are accepted. Organic body care products that seduce the senses and soul can be recognized from seals such as BDIH and NATRUE. The organic labels regulate ecological standards for natural cosmetics, vegan cosmetics and organic cosmetics in different stages. Aromatic oils should also contain only natural ingredients, because they should exude a pleasant indoor climate and do not pollute the air we breathe.
Tip: massage oil, bath bombs and aromtic oil can easily made by yourself with a few natural ingredients.

Wellness has many facets

In the Oxford English Dictionary, the word wellness is defined as "good health". For the first time literarily recorded in a monograph by Sir A. Johnson, the term wellness is actually composed of the English words "well-being" and "fitness". Since the term wellness is not protected, one finds many interpretations and definitions in literature and on the Internet. The one combine well-being and a good physical condition, for others, beauty, relaxation and recovery are in the foreground. For other people, it is more medical wellness, ie health prevention or a synthesis of physical fitness, mental agility, mental resilience and balance, positive attitude to work, harmonious private life and a life in harmony with nature.

Wellness in everyday life

You know the feeling of being exhausted, to be powerless and discouraged, without optimism and still need to function? Balanced nutrition with regional food and organic vegetables as well as the careful handling and the respect of nature and living beings are part of the health-conscious way of life. The result is already wellness in everyday life, without waiting for home time. But when the day is stressful, small tools can provide well-being in one's own home. Those who work in the organic market or in the stationary trade will sometimes have aching feet and back pain. A warm footbath in alkaline salt or sea salt and a treatment with a wooden massage roller releases tension. Even a hot bath relaxes the hardened leg muscles, back and neck. Individual parts of the body can additionally be massaged with a bath brush. The natural body scrub, ie the scrubbing of fine skin particles, is a pleasant side effect. Sit back, leave daily routine behind and relax with instrumental chill-out and relaxing music. Indulge your senses with your favourite scents, which the natural organic aromatic oils emit by an oil burner or a diffuser to the indoor climate.

Enjoy soothing warmth and give your body the care of pure nature with an organic massage candle. Finest demeter olive oil nourishes the skin and provides a velvety massage experience. Natural essential oils pamper the senses and rapeseed wax gives the skin a pleasant gentle warmth.

Slip into feel good clothing and give yourself a minute’s rest while lying down after the self-therapy. In addition to the degree of hardness of a mattress, the pollutant-tested quality is decisive for the sleeping climate. Natural mattresses as well as pillows, filled with organic spelt husks, organic millet husks or seaweed from wild harvesting offer highest sleeping comfort. So, you can start relaxed into a new day. For sleeping problems, inner restlessness, difficulty in concentration, menopausal symptoms, organic Bach flowers can affect the energetic areas such as the aura, chakras or meridians and increase wellbeing.

Ecological standard for sustainable wellness aids and appliances

In terms of sustainability, ecological standards are used for all wellness aids and alternative medical items. The Greenpicks sustainability criteria provide information about organic labels and manufacturing processes. For example, the wood for the body of a brush and for a massage roller comes from sustainable forestry, often recognizable by the seals FSC® and PEFC. Wooden parts can also be made from local or recycled wood. These measures serve to conserve resources and the climate and to preserve the habitat for animals, plants and humans. An essential spray and scented sachets make a pleasant atmosphere. And so that the indoor climate is free of pesticides and other pollutants, lavender, herbs and other fragrant blosssoms in the scented cushions come from certified organic farming or controlled wild collection.

Consciously experienced tender loving care for body and soul in harmony with nature

Wellness is more than holidays and spa (sanus per aquam). Today, "good health" is reflected in almost all areas of life. Green Wellness Life offers many different methods and natural remedies to rebuild, to brace energies, indulge and recharge your batteries. Your strength can return and show you that it is worth paying close attention to yourself and your health. Greenpicks offers everything you need for a personal spoiling program. Take your time and enjoy the beautiful things in life – this is wellness for body and soul!

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