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Egg Cups at Greenpicks

Egg cups made from eco materials

As different as the breakfast cultures in the world are, as different are the designs and materials for egg cups. In Germany, a breakfast egg is just as much a part of the morning meal as a wholemeal roll with sausage or cheese. Others prefer muesli with fruits and do without animal products at all. Why are breakfast eggs even more enjoyable in a sustainable egg cup? For all those who find this question trivial, Greenpicks presents egg cups made of eco-friendly materials. Because what is decisive for the environmentally friendly and animal-friendly quality and origin of organic eggs is somehow also valid for eco-friendly egg cups.

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Egg cups made of dimensionally stable and sustainable materials

Those who prefer natural materials in interior design also rely on ecological raw materials for tableware and table accessories. Especially sustainable egg cups are without frippery and frills, because they are only recyclable if the material is homogeneous. Eco egg cups are made of dimensionally stable and sustainable materials such as wood, stainless steel, ceramic, pottery, porcelain and bioplastics. These materials stand for a long service life. They can also be made into all imaginable shapes. There are egg holders in compact cup and cube shapes, goblets as well as round, oval or square plate-like models with recess. A secure stand is a given with every product. Egg cups with a shelf space offer the possibility to put down the egg shell and an egg spoon. Somewhat larger models even offer space for a small salt shaker.

Discover sustainable egg cups for every interior design

Get cheeky and cheerful on the breakfast table with expressive egg cups. From 'tasty' to 'dreamy and kissing' to 'happy and hmpff', the egg cups have faces. The white hard porcelain in break-proof hotel quality is dishwasher safe and microwaveable.

Stainless steel egg cups offer many sustainable advantages. They are rustproof, dishwasher safe and recyclable at the end of their long service life. The same applies to egg cups made of olive wood and bamboo. While olive wood lends a Mediterranean touch to the breakfast table, bamboo egg cups appear light and airy. The only thing the wooden cups are not dishwasher-safe but they can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth. An occasional treatment with cooking oil prevents the wood from drying out. This way, you can enjoy the practical table accessories for a long time.

Egg cups made of porcelain, earthenware or pottery are available in a wide range of colours – from white, to pastel colours, to vibrant colours. They can be integrated into existing tableware without having to buy a completely new table service. So you have the choice of whether the egg cup should take a back seat on the well-laid table or be a real eyecatcher.

Upcycling Ideas for Egg Cups

By the way, egg cups can also be used in other ways. Instead of serving that boiled egg, the small containers can be converted into unconventional decoration ideas.

Make a little herb garden using egg cups – these are small enough to make cute planters for cress and sprouts and they'll look great adorning a breakfast or dinner table.

Most are perfectly sized to make pretty tealight holders, an egg cup candle ornament will add a hygge charm to your interiors.

Who said eggs have the monopoly on egg cups? You can also eat other oval-shaped foods from egg cup holders, such as kiwi fruits. And speaking of food, egg cups can also make great dip holders. Dot a couple around the living room when the family are watching their favourite movie with crudités in circulation.

Ecological table accessories for breakfast eggs

Choosing ecological egg cups underlines a Green Lifestyle. At first glance, they complement the crockery on the breakfast table and stylishly present the egg. But environmentally conscious guests immediately recognise your sense of responsibility for sustainability. Whether classic porcelain egg cups, colourful and fun egg servers, or modern variants for the unfussy interior style, you will be surprised how versatile the range of sustainable egg cups is at Greenpicks.

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