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Gender neutrality

Gender neutralityGender neutrality

With a focus on sustainability, Greenpicks provides suggestions and specific options for rethinking behaviour and changing one's own lifestyle. This is primarily aimed at conscious and sustainable consumption.

At Greenpicks, social sustainability also includes gender compliance. The aim is to make a difference in people's minds here, too. In addition to biological genders, gender-appropriate language primarily takes social genders into account. The dilemma: A detailed distinction between terms is often hardly feasible for everyday business use for purely practical reasons. That is why the term “diverse” has largely established itself here. The notation (m/f/d) is now standard.

Particularly when the internal I or the gender asterisk is used in texts, readers perceive this as "politically correct" on the one hand, but also as annoying at the same time. The gender star can also be perceived as bumpy in the reading flow.

Acceptance and comprehensibility of gender-sensitive language

On the other hand, language is subject to constant change. In several empirical linguistic and social science studies since 1994, the acceptance and comprehensibility of gender-sensitive language have been examined. The trend shows a clear picture. Readability and understandability of the text are not made difficult by gender-sensitive formulations. Subjective evaluations of the text quality / text aesthetics also show that overall gender-equitable forms do not have a negative impact. (source: Wikipedia https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geschlechtergerechte_Sprache#Umformulierung_mithilfe_des_Adjektivs)

Another sticking point: The search engines on the Internet often still “think” in terms of classic gender roles. A lot of people seem to find the assignment good or need it for orientation.

Based on these various findings, Greenpicks constantly keeps an eye on gender-sensitive language. Adjustments and changes are made gradually. Unfortunately, thousands of pages of text, product descriptions, metadata, etc. cannot quickly be adapted to conform to gender. The individual shops represented at Greenpicks will continue to offer sustainable products that appeal to women rather than men and vice versa. Therefore, the following also applies: The texts on this website are not always written in a gender-compliant manner in order to improve readability. Insofar as personal designations are formulated exclusively in male form, they refer to women and men and diverse in the same way.

Equality clause

The equality of women, men and gender identity and expression of gender (in German 'diverse') is an elementary aspect of our society. Therefore women and diverse should be linguistically expressed wherever they are or could be meant, in contrast to a generalising masculine person name. For this reason, all personal content, descriptions, designations, text passages and phrases on greenpicks.de/en apply equally for reasons of equal treatment and linguistic equality for men, women and diverse.


Gender neutrality at Greenpicks

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