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Sustainable gifts are a wonderful way to make others happy and do something for the environment at the same time! All products from the range % SALE % are as popular as an eco gift as from SALE Gifts & Presents. Based on the practical filter – by price and colour, by sustainability criteria, shop and brand the gift finder shows desired suggestions. So you can see right away the right gift idea to give for example as a Christmas present to grandma or grandpa in the range to 30 Euros or a birthday gift for your girlfriend for 50 Euros. Depending on the filter gifts for men, Christmas gifts or birthday are displayed at a reduced price. The gift finder in Gifts SALE is the effective way for great eco-friendly gift ideas and green bargains.

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Looking for the perfect eco gift you like to stroll through the shops with pleasure? – This is also possible at the Greenpicks online marketplace for sustainable lifestyles. Browse through the virtual shelves of our gifts department. Our category gifts works like a gift finder: divided into the categories of gifts ideas, gifts for babies, gifts for kids, gifts for Valentine's Day, Easter, and Christmas gifts. Apart from the individual topics also the numerous filters will help you to track your gift idea and to find the right gift for the best friend or the beloved husband. The gift ideas category is deliberately designed gender-neutral. In this way, all gender roles shall feel addressed, even if this cannot always be represented in a gender-sensitive language.

Fair Trade Gifts on Sale

You have not been able to make a find? – Then our pages inspiration provide further options to find the right favourable gift for your wife, your grandchild or your best friend. Here we have fair trade gifts and green presents below 20 euros for you – compiled gift ideas for the small budget. Be it that you look for original gifts, which are suitable for the hobby, a noble wedding gift or a decorative gift for home. Here eco-conscious consumers and price-conscious online shoppers combine practicality with pleasure: Because an eco gift does not need be expensive, but should definitely please the recipient; be useful in the best case (also in the sense of minimalism) and should protect the environment.

Gift Idea: the Upcycling Gift

For unusual gift ideas we highly entrust our upcycling area. Experience has shown that these gift ideas are those in which the reactions of the recipient are particularly euphoric – just gifts that get under the skin and bring delight! And that you can achieve most certainly with an upcycling gift. Because uniqueness is guaranteed. An upcycling gift can be found also under SALE Gifts & Presents.

Tip: Buy Eco Gifts Countercyclical

Those who got used to it purchasing online anti-cyclically, find beyond the classical season sale attractive special offers for eco gifts on SALE Gifts on greenpicks.de/en, which can then be presented on a suitable occasion for a birthday, Easter, Mother's Day or Christmas. This means the end of the time-critical shopping hunt for the perfect sustainable present.

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