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What distinguishes water and juice glasses in sustainable quality from conventional drinking glasses?

Water and juice glasses belong to the basic equipment of any household. They must be both practical and beautiful. The drinking vessels are suitable for many different drinks such as tap water, eco milk, bio lemonade, vitamin-rich juices and soft drinks. The standard volume for water glasses is 0.2 liters to 0.3 liters. For self-mixed beverages such as milkshake, smoothie & Co., larger glasses with a volume of 0.5 liters are available. For any drink, for any occasion and any taste there is the right glass. But what distinguishes drinking glasses in sustainable quality from conventional water glasses?

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Eco-friendly glasses without heavy metals

Greenpicks offers an ecologically oriented assortment of high-quality water and juice glasses, which meet every requirement for a drinking vessel in organic quality. The glasses do not only impress by their timeless elegance, but also by non-toxic and recyclable starting materials and can be combined as desired with already existing dishes. Also for everyday use the beautiful eco glasses are just proper. Free of cadmium and lead, some glassware is made according to traditional glass art and is mouth blown. But also industrially produced drinking glasses do not contain heavy metals.

Drinking glasses from waste glass (recycled glass)

Against the background of the fact that the increasingly scarcer raw material sand is required for the production of glasses, some manufacturers have specialized in producing water and juice glass from waste glass. The recycled glass retains its robust character; only the color changes. Currently, "pure white" or "crystal clear" drinking glasses can not be produced in the recycling process. The benefits are obvious: producing drinking glasses from recycled glass consumes less energy, conserves natural resources and contributes to reduce waste. There are collection points for used glass in many municipalities throughout Europe. And a small walk keeps us fit to dispose of its glass vessels in the waste glass container.

Beakers, mugs and tumbler

For a family household with children, where a glass can get broken, the beakers and tumbler, a glass with reinforced bottom, prove to be extremely practical and robust. Although they are not entirely unbreakable, they are designed in such a way that the tumbler cannot tip over completely, but rather turns up itself independently. Older people or physically handicapped persons also benefit from this refined design. Practical: with 2-pack or 6-pack sets of glasses, the 2-person household and the household with many children are equipped quickly and reasonably. Should once a glass get broken, most water and juice glasses, mugs, beakers and tumbler are also buyable singly.

Energetically Glasses composed by natural law

A special feature among the water and juice glasses are so-called energetically glasses. These are carefully constructed and composed according to the Natural Law of the Golden Ratio. The flower of life and various affirmations, baked in the glass bottom, refine the design. The harmonious design enhances biological water and other liquids. Take a look at the matching carafes and jugs from the "energized" glass range.

Sustainable water and juice jars in harmless quality

Whether water glass, juice glass, beaker, mug or tumbler - the drinking vessels are available in simple and slight designs, which make the well laid table classic. Particularly sturdy or colourful printed prove themselves in the everyday life, at the children's birthday and on a BBQ party. Most of the drinking glasses can be washed in the dishwasher. The glassware is, however, more joyful and more durable when cleaned and polished by hand.

From a sustainable point of view, glasses with a timeless rectilinear look are best suited. They can be combined with any dishes and always fit into the overall picture at lunch or at the banquet table. The high-quality and pollutant-free quality of the water and juice glasses at Greenpicks saves the constant purchase of new glasses. And if none ever gets broken, you can bequeath – as once your grandparents did – the useful and decorative drinking glasses. Someone will appreciate this.

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