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The ecological baby room

Regardless of how big the apartment or house is, if offspring is expected, the expectant parents are busy setting up the baby room. Here, the ecological baby room can consist of a separate room or a visually separated area in the bedroom or another living room – depending on how much space is available. For the healthy development of the child a nontoxic or pollutants minimized environment is important. In addition to promote the development and health, the ecological baby room also focuses on conservation of environment and resources. Of course, all other family members benefit from this as well.

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Natural living environment in the baby room

Usually, the design of the baby room begins with the walls. Wallpaper or wall colour give the room a child-friendly design. In organic quality, the paint, flooring and baby furniture ensure a non-toxic and breathable indoor climate. For this purpose, wallpaper and carpet should be glued with a non-polluting adhesive. With natural wall paints, limewater colour, natural resin dispersion and mineral plaster, living spaces become environmentally friendly and tolerable for allergy sufferers. The organic wall paints are solvent-free, free of fungicides and preservatives.

As soon as the little ones come to the crawling stage, they inevitably come in contact with the floor covering. Cork, wood, sisal, coconut, wool, natural latex and jute provide the raw materials for natural carpets and floor surfacing. Baby mats and organic cotton rugs provide extra warmth when the child grabs objects under the activity play gym. The game carpet also offers active children the opportunity to play with wooden blocks, toys, picture book, stuffed animal and doll on a cuddly surface.

As a high chair at the dining table is helpful to feed the little one, a baby cradle, cot, baby hammock, changing table and wardrobe complete the baby room. The ecological quality of children's furniture is determined by pollutant-tested materials such as solid wood and recycled wood. The furniture carries the FSC seal (Forest Stewardship Council®), which ensures the ecological forestry. On the basis of the environmental label Blue Angel, consumers recognize that the products for the baby's room, including wooden toys, are safe for the child's health. Compared to traditional baby products, certified home furnishings have fewer emissions for the nursery. This does not only serve the health of the entire family, but also helps to protect the environment.

Harmonious and healthy environment for the baby

A harmonious and sheltered environment provides the baby and children's room, if it is practical and creative, robust and non-toxic. Bright friendly colours, rounded corners and growing furniture made of eco solid wood are child-friendly and flexible in every phase of life. The little ones quickly grow out of the cot so that a new mattress and mattress topper is necessary for a child’s bed. The natural mattresses for babies and children have upholstery of 100% certified organic cotton or 100% organic wool and a mattress core made from organic spelt and millet husks, coconut fibres or natural latex. Organic bedding such as baby blanket, flat pillows, fitted sheets and bed linen are available in standard sizes suitable for children. For baby’s organic bedding exclusively pollutant-tested fibres and raw materials such as organic cotton, organic wool and hemp from certified organic farming are processed.

Fair and environmentally friendly production, local or recycled raw materials, sturdy and high-quality workmanship complement the sustainable character of organic baby furniture, organic bedding and organic mattresses. With just a few simple steps, the baby room can be expanded, combined and converted into a child or youth room. If you like everything as if made from one piece, you decide for complete baby room sets. It is more sustainable to check the existing furnishing and then buy individually the missing items for the baby room online at Greenpicks. Because sometimes it lacks only storage facilities for baby clothes, nappy pail and baby body care items.

Eco-friendly furniture and accessories in the baby room

From a resource-saving point of view, second hand furniture in the baby room is also an environmentally friendly alternative. Depending on the age of the children's furniture, most of the contaminants have escaped from used furniture. The converted furniture that upcycling designers have specialized in saves money and resources and reduces the amount of waste.

Minimalism is also possible with baby: the rule of thumb is to focus on the essentials and long-lasting products. Clothing for newborns, buggy and baby toys can be purchased second hand at the local baby flea market or as a responsible and eco-friendly organic quality product for the baby room at Greenpicks.

By the way, working and being on the road is also possible with baby. Breastfeeding in the job is regulated by law for working mothers. Important for the well-being of mother and baby in the nursing breaks is a well-planned preparation. It is practical if the parents carry all necessary utensils such as breast pump, nappies and complementary baby food with them in an eco changing bag.

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