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Pick of the Week

One-Product Shop for Green Lifestyle Products

Pick of the week is a curated shop. From the large number of sustainable, ecological and upcycling products, the most exquisite are selected and offered in the one-product-shop periodically for a certain time at a very special price.

Quality filter in the Information Overload

Pick of the Week provides orientation in the green segment for consumers who are interested in sustainable products. Here it is fun to discover specifically an exclusive range of sustainable lifestyle products. Pick of the Week stands for curated consumption and is a quality filter in the information overload.

Promoting sustainable consumption

Greenpicks' Pick of the Week is a room for producers and distributors of sustainable and upcycling products in which they can draw attention to themselves by means of a specific promotion.

The promotional period of at least one week gives consumers enough time to inform themselves without ruffle or excitement about the product. Greenpicks stands for slow shopping. Conscious consumption will override bargain hunting.

With the special promotions Greenpicks allows consumers an easy introduction to the world of sustainable products, without being deterred by supposedly higher prices. Because in conscious consumption the focus is more on quality and the processes behind and background of the products than solely on price.

Special offers meet sustainability criteria

The Pick of the Week complies with the sustainability criteria like all items do on Greenpicks – Eco & Upcycling Market, such as Recycling/Upcycling, Raw Materials from Organic Farming, Fair & Social, Vegan, Cradle to Cradle, Reduction of pollutant, Climate-friendly, Energy- and Resource-efficient, Durability.

Current information about the Pick of the Week is available via newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.