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Teething rings: practical & ecological aides for teething

The baby's first tooth is fraught with tension by parents. The path to it, the cutting of the milk teeth, is a prolonged process that involves some babies with uncomfortable pain. Teething, that is, the spasmodic cutting of the teeth through the gums, can rob both the offspring and the parent’s night’s sleep. First symptoms may be dribbeling, reddened cheeks and swollen gums. Preferably, babies are grasping for objects when teething and putting in the mouth to chew on them. Now the teething ring is used.

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Non-toxic teething rings massage and soothe the gums

Chewing on harder objects massages the pressing and itching gums. Pollution-free teething rings are best suited for this purpose. This includes plastic that is free of problematic and harmful ingredients such as hormonal parabens, phthalate, plasticizers and PVC. The teether with cooling effect is filled with distilled water or ice gel. Slightly cooled, it reduces the blood circulation and relieves the pain. Natural rubber and wood produced by responsibly managed plantations and e.g. certified by FSC® or PEFC, is processed into a teething ring. Such eco friendly teething rings are recyclable and biodegradable. By chewing on textured and nubby surfaces, the gums are massaged and calmed. The different structures train the muscles in the mouth and make the toy particularly interesting.

2 in 1 toys: teethers & grasping toys

Practical and useful at the same time: the teething ring combined with a grasping toy, a ring or a cuddle and pacifier cloth with smaller rings. Such teething aids are particularly easy for babies to grasp and also promote the gripping reflex, the sense of touch and fine motor skills. Probably the most famous teething ring for decades is "Sophie la Giraffe", which is made of 100% natural rubber and always smiles friendly. The 2 in 1 toys are gifts that are already popular for birth, because Grandma and Grandpa know only too well how unpleasant the teething of their own children was. And want to support the more comfortable relief of pain for their grandchild in the best possible way.

Teething aids for babies

At Greenpicks you will find ecological teethers for the teething baby. If the teething aid does not provide the grouching baby with sufficient relief, perhaps a cuddly toy will provide entertainment and distraction. The chewing on the teething ring together with the comforting stuffed animal will make your child smile again.

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