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Sustainable Storage for Office Supplies and Stationery

Despite the increasing digitization, there is still office supplies and stationery in the office and study, which must be sorted and stored. The office equipment contributes to a trouble-free workflow. There are at least three manifestations of systems of ordering: mess, orderly chaos, and accurate order. Some find the mess on the desk stimulating creativity. The others feel cramped and unproductive by the mess. However, if the extent of confusion is so great, storage for office supplies and stationery can provide you with the tools you need within reach and keep track of things.

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Ecological means of storage with recycling potential

Fortunately, today there are many sustainable means of storage and organisation systems that make everyday work easier. So-called butlers collect small-scale office accessories. A pencil box and a very few storage boxes, as well as a decorative paper bag as a waste paper basket, collect the necessary tools.

Reliable labeling helps consumers to evaluate eco-friendly office supplies and stationery. Among others these include:

  • The Blue Angel considers the entire life cycle of products, taking into account environmental, health and performance characteristics.
  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®): The independent, non-profit non-governmental organization sets a standard for sustainable forest management.
  • Bluesign: The bluesign label is awarded to products whose entire manufacturing process is harmless to the health and environmentally friendly and resource-saving.
  • Fairtrade®: Fair trade takes into account economic, environmental and social aspects. The fair trade standards comply with the international standards of Fairtrade Labeling Organizations International (FLO).
  • And in the broadest sense, the quality seal "Made in Germany" (MIG) that includes products manufactured in Germany.

Sorting boxes, trays, storage boxes, transport boxes, wastebaskets made of metal, stainless steel, bioplastics, recycled paper and cardboard, local wood, bamboo, recycled wood are durable materials with recycling potential. For small items such as pins, paper clips, buttons, pens, magnets, screws ecological storage boxes are available at greenpicks.de/en to protect the office supplies and workshop accessories. Quick to find transparent boxes or labeled cans, containers and sacks show what's inside.

DIY & Upcycling & Work-Life-Balance for more efficiency in the green office

The range of storage for office supplies, stationery and pens is diverse, especially considering that one or the other storage option may be made from existing cartons, e.g. shoeboxes by yourself. With a few ideas and a little skill, old wooden boxes, suitcases, jewellery boxes, cigar boxes, tins and glasses, postal tubes and much more can be upcycled into unique storage systems. This DIY approach is creative and resource-saving.

Those who want to vanquish the mess permanently, should keep their work utensils in appropriate boxes, tins, jars, pen holders and files. The sense of order increases the work-life balance and hopefully raises the awareness that sustainability at workplace also means climate protection.

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