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Shawls & Scarves at Greenpicks

Women's shawls and scarves in organic quality

They are the all-rounders among women's accessories: shawls and scarves. They warm in the winter, shelter from fresh breezes and in the summer, they absorb sweat in the neck. So much for the practical details. In addition, the women’s accessories enhance a summer dress, blouse and T-shirt. Scarves and shawls appear as a wool scarf, knitted scarf, triangular scarf, rectangular cloth, shawl, XXL cloth, loop and tube scarf. Their variety ranges from light to warm, plain, patterned and with allover prints, floral patterns, small squared to striped. With all the variety, no lady needs to give up the proven organic quality. Because Greenpicks grants only online shops on the marketplace, if their products meet the sustainability criteria.

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Stay in close touch with skin-friendly quality

Shawls and scarves are knotted, wrapped around the neck and thus have direct skin contact. All the more important is the skin-friendly quality, which is guaranteed with organic certified fabrics. Cotton, jersey, fleece, wool, linen, hemp in organic quality are certified with corresponding eco-seals. These include inter alia Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Fair Trade, Natural Textile IVN certified BEST, OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 and other globally recognized organic labels. Thus eco-minded and fashion-conscious women are on the safe side that scarves and shawls meet strict environmental and social standards. This means, for example, that pollutants are not harmful to humans and nature, that genetic engineering and child labor are excluded.

Shawls and scarves for all seasons

For the winter, a knitted scarf made of cashmere, mohair, virgin wool, which comes from certified species-appropriate husbandry is particularly suitable. A loop and tube scarf, made of organic cotton jersey on the outside, lined with fleece on the inside, fits close to the neck and keeps you warm. In the transition period models of organic cotton are recommended. They keep warm, are breathable, and you do not sweat during outdoor activities. Shawls and scarves make a fashion statement in the summer and have a practical use: they shelter the neck from sunburn. Casually around the neck, the accessory spices up a summer dress. In the job, a scarf or shawl in classic colours such as black, grey or white can be worn to a blouse. An airy and colourful scarf transforms the business look into a casual outfit for the after-work party.

Shawls and scarves are a fashionable and stylish eyecatcher for women with warming properties when it matters. At Greenpicks, women who are interested in Eco Fashion will find these accessories in organic quality.

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