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Ecoconscious boys’ trousers – child-friendly design for toddlers and teenagers

Regardless of age, organic boys' trousers meet the needs and expectations of toddlers, teens and parents alike in terms of style and durability. Especially in the first years of life, in the phase of kindergarten and school romping, climbing and playing are associated with the fact that boys’ pants have to withstand a lot. In addition, the offspring grows relatively quickly, with the result that again and again new jeans, trousers, shorts and trunks, overalls, dungarees and trackies must be ordered online, which meet the latest environmental standards in terms of sustainability, production, materials, pollutants and fairness. No less contemporary is the child-friendly design of the eco boy trousers, which will please children from 2 to 16 years.

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For a clean future

Although the organic quality of the boys’ trousers is not immediately apparent, but labels such as Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Naturtextil IVN certified BEST, Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex® provide information on the non-toxic and pollutant-tested quality of children's pants. The natural fibres include certified organic cotton and wool from certified species-appropriate husbandry, but also fibers from hemp and bamboo. Already during the cultivation is dispensed with pesticides and defoliants. In order to maintain the organic quality of the boys' fashion, the processing of natural fibres, depending on the eco-label, also applies restrictions with the use of chemicals, which vary in severity.

Strict seals such as GOTS or IVN only allow oxygen bleaching and non-toxic biodegradable colours. From these benefits the environment, the people involved in the manufacturing process, and the children at the end of the production chain. When wearing organic boys’ trousers skin irritation and the risk of allergy are significantly lower than in conventional boys' fashion. Applications, buttons and other accessories as well as packaging materials must not contain PVC. Polyester components must be made from recycled used plastic. All of these measures contribute to wastewater treatment and minimizing waste. None of this is noticed by the boy immediately when he puts on the eco mud trousers or casual cargo pants. But it is precisely for its clean future that the ecological standards as a contribution to climate protection are of great importance. And with #fridaysforfuture, this is now a motivation for teenagers to take to the streets for climate protection. Sure, that includes first and foremost the coal phase-out, but cheap clothes also pollute the climate.

Casual or chic with organic jeans, cloth trousers and corduroy trousers

The eco jeans is timeless and regardless of age, a hip piece of clothing for boys. Casual is the combination with a shirt with print of the favourite hero or a cool saying. Combined with shirt and jumper, the jeans look more stylish and is also good for visiting grandma and grandpa. The young gentlemen in chinos, fine cord trousers or beautifully tailored cotton and cloth trousers are dressed even more chic. Complemented with a T-shirt or polo shirt, this results in the right outfit for the family celebration in the restaurant and for official occasions in schools, associations, charitable and political organisations.

Boys’ trousers that join in every adventure

Hardwearing cotton trousers and cargo pants survive adventure on the playground as well as a wander through nature. Findings from nature can be stored in the numerous pockets of the cargo pants. Mud trousers brave the weather in all its forms and make it possible that the little ones can jump through puddles at a whim. Returning from the outdoor excursion, the little adventurers make themselves comfortable in pull-on trousers.

Sweatpants, trunks, and streetwear in organic quality

The leisure activities of the boys also determine the choice of suitable trousers. For many young people, sports are a good balance to the long school day. Organic sweatpants and trunks are fair training partners for boys as well as stylish streetwear and comfortable trousers for lounging on the sofa. The sporty pants and shorts in organic quality score especially when the children break sweat – because without pollutants they do not irritate the skin.

Trousers for boys are worn at a whim to sweatshirt, hoodie, pullover, T-shirt or cool longsleeve. Reasonable are polo shirts with a collar for a slightly nicer outfit and sleeveless tops for sports.

Sustainable pants for boys and teens

The sustainable trousers and jeans for boys at Greenpicks combine business with pleasure. Pleasant wearing comfort, skin-friendly organic fabrics, high-quality workmanship based on ecological criteria in European production facilities are features of boys’ trousers. They accompany little boys and teenagers through their everyday life and their free time.

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