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Sleeping places at Greenpicks

Needs-based and ecological dog sleeping places

To be dog-tired is a condition that we all know only too well. For the dog, this is an inherently normal condition, which is a remnant of the wolfish heritage. Energy saving for the upcoming hunting. Adult dogs rest and sleep about 18 hours daily. The dog likes to have siesta on a dog mattress or mat, which is located in a quiet place in the apartment from which the animal notices the family life, but is not constantly disturbed. Dog sleeping places offer every dog breed the needs-based comfort.

Healthy for the dog

While the need of space for puppies and small and large dogs determines the size of the lying surface, design, non-toxic materials and high-quality workmanship are ecological selection criteria for dog owners. Sisal, hemp, bamboo, and willow are quickly renewable resources that are processed into robust dog baskets.

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A dog cushion or a dog blanket are usually sufficient if the four-legged friend only takes a short nap. Joint-friendly and restorative is the sleep in a dog basket. A comfortable padding provides a pollutant-free dog pillow, which can be removed and washed. In addition to the comfortable lying properties, ecological materials are healthy for the dog. Fillings for cushions, which are tested according to Standard 100 by OEKO Tex®, do not contain any hazardous materials. Eco dog cushions can be filled, for example, with recycled polyester fibres, recycled wool and fabric remnants, organic millet husks and organic spelt husks and seaweed. The pillowcases also meet ecological criteria. The cushion covers are made of durable canvas based on organic cotton or hemp or recycled materials, which have withstood the rigors of parachutes and sails in the first life. Seals such as Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) or NATURTEXTIL IVN certified BEST are a mark of organic raw materials and environmentally friendly textiles that are processed into dog beds and dog mattresses. Cushions and upholstery for dog beds made from pollutant-tested recycled textiles are clearly resource-saving and just as robust as newly processed raw materials. A fluffy organic dog blanket in combination with a dog bed makes the mooring of the dog cuddly and cosy. In addition, they can be shaken out and are easy to clean and wash in the washing machine.

Orthopedic dog sleeping places in organic quality

Orthopedic dog beds offer high lying comfort especially to senior dogs or four-legged friends with rheumatism and joint trouble. The orthopedic dog cushions are filled with organic spelt husks or organic millet, which provide perfect pressure relief of the dog's joints and spine. The cereals adapt optimally to the body shape and sleeping position of the dog. And the organic quality ensures that the dog cushion does not exhale any pollutants.

Eco dog sleeing places offer lying comfort in harmonious design

Greenpicks offers comfortable dog sleeping places that are tested for pollutants and meet the needs of four-legged friends in terms of comfort as well as of design. Sleeping places for dogs at Greenpicks are not only comfortable and pollutant tested, but also an eye-catcher. The ecological animal sleeping places are also suitable for older cats and dogs. Whether puppy, junior or senior, thanks to the different sizes, the appropriate moorage is available for every breed of dog which can be harmoniously integrated into the living environment.

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