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Woolen Blankets at Greenpicks

Wool blankets are natural heaters

A beautiful blanket warms the heart. What is termed woollen blankets in colloquial language is not necessarily made from virgin wool, as also other natural materials in organic quality are used. As a cover on cool summer nights or in ice cold winter days it provides additional warmth. Rain and storm can best be borne if you snuggle up at home on the couch in a soft blanket. It also serves as a warming pad when babies and toddlers playing on the floor. At the same time, a quilt is comfortable and decorative. A bed cover is a popular home textile that transforms the bedroom into a tidy, stylish room during the day, protecting the bed linen from dust and dirt.

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Pure natural materials and ecological production

Made of high quality natural materials, a blanket may be cherished for years to come. Literally, a wool blanket is made of pure organic new wool, cashmere or alpaca, as well as manufacturer use organic cotton, hemp, bamboo fibers and other ecological materials. The fibres come from certified organic farming or from certified keeping of animals in a species-appropriate environment. This also includes genuine lambskin, which has been gently tanned only with plantal ingredients. This ensures that the cultivation, the dyeing process and the further processing are carried out without pollutants. This serves a healthy environment and respects and protects humans and animals. Child labor and genetically manipulated raw materials are excluded for woolen blankets in organic quality.

The right organic blanket for every need

If you’re searching for an organic blanket, different needs can play a role. Genuine woollen blankets are made from pure virgin wool. They are naturally dirt-repellent and anti-allergenic. New wool, alpaca and cashmere have outstanding warming properties and regulate moisture automatically. For vegans, blankets made from organic cotton, bamboo or hemp are available. These natural fibers are also of natural origin, but guaranteed without animal components, also in the further processing.

Also recycled materials such as wool, cotton, polyester and plastic bottles are used in the production of blankets. The recycled materials are washed, re-spun and processed, for example, into soft and fluffy fleece blankets. They keep warm, are long-lasting and an alternative for allergy sufferers.

Plaids and throws are versatile, decorative and functional

The luxurious versatility and practicality of a throw elevates its status from accessory to essential home accessories. Simply put, nothing is more comfortable than wrapping up in a plaid when it rains and storms outside. As a cover it warms us when taking a nap and at the film night on the sofa in the homey living room.

As with the wool blankets, organic home textiles are made of ecological materials. Cotton is very skin-friendly and breathable. Virgin wool, alpaca and cashmere warm very well and are temperature-balancing. Since they often lie directly on the skin, colored blankets are dyed without pollutants under environmentally friendly conditions. The blanket is also characterised by a versatile use; it can also serve as a bedspread, baby blanket or as a pad.

A plaid is a practical heat dispenser. As a rule, the throw blanket is slightly smaller than a rug to cover certain body parts. The relatively thin blanket is traditionally made of new wool, but nowadays also available from other natural fibres. And is also used by women as a decorative and warming accessory during an autumn walk.

Skin-friendly blankets for babies and children

Babies and children are the biggest fans of soft blankets. They do not only warm, but with them snuggling, building caves and playing is possible. Parents like baby and children's blankets because of their versatility. Whether in the children's room, in other rooms of the house, with friends or grandma and grandpa, in a baby buggy, in the car or on the road: With a soft blanket, any place becomes a comfortable nest. Blankets for infants or children – like all woolen blankets at Greenpicks – correspond to our sustainability criteria, which include, among others, health, nature protection, ecology and social justice. For the sensitive skin of babies and children, blankets made of organic cotton or organic wool give heat harmlessly. The natural materials are skin-friendly, breathable and easy-care.

Save energy with organic wool blankets

If you’re searching for the epitome of comfort and luxury, a wool blanket in organic quality is a great investment not only for you, but also for the environment. Placing a wool blanket on your bed can help you save energy. So turn down the thermostat and cuddle up in a woollen blanket. You’ll soon feel the natural warmth and cosiness that wool can provide.

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