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Glass Sets at Greenpicks

Glass sets for household and catering

Glass sets create a uniform look with every meal. In addition to aesthetics and design, price and quality are decisive for many households and for catering. Glass series are available for every type of glass and glass bowls. For example, water glasses, wine glasses, juice glasses, shot glasses and glasses for champagne and cocktails are available in the popular 6-pack or 12-pack. Small households find mini-glass sets with two glasses, two bowls for salad and dessert made of glass.

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Glass sets without heavy metals

For sustainability-oriented people and organic restaurants, the non-toxic quality of glass has priority. As glass is naturally only composed of the primary raw materials such as quartz sand, soda and lime, further materials such as, for example, lead and cadmium can be added. This is not necessary on one hand. On the other hand, cadmium and lead are pollutants. Glass sets at Greenpicks are free of pollutants, recyclable and often come from local production. The enjoyment of fruit salad, drinking water, grappa and red wine is double pleasure. Simple design, high-quality materials and good care support the long-lasting character of glass sets.

Carafe instead of plastic bottles

Have you already considered replacing water from plastic bottles with a carafe with matching glasses? The initially higher investment costs are satisfied after less than one year (depending on water consumption). This eliminates unnecessary plastic from your household and now you enjoy tap water in biologically enhanced quality. The same applies to glass sets consisting of wine carafe and wine glasses. The energetic glass products are composed according to the rule of the golden ratio. Water (also suitable for juices, lemonade, wine and spirits) placed in the drinking glass is strengthened in its biological value and flavours can change, gaining a fullness or softness. Design components like the flower of life as well as harmless glass support this harmonious life force.

Glass for allergy sufferers

Other glass products, e.g. coffee glass, tea glass, salad and dessert bowls in a set are characterized by a smooth, pore-free surface and also do not contain any heavy metals or other toxic substances. Therefore, this glassware are particularly suitable for allergy sufferers and certified by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF).

Glass sets made of recycled glass

An eco-friendly and inexpensive alternative are glass sets made of recycled glass. For example, a number of European manufacturers offer drinking glasses, glass bowls and spirits glasses made from recycled waste glass. This does not only save natural resources, but also the production process of recycled glass consumes less energy. And at the end of their lives the glasses can be recycled again. More environmental friendliness is hardly possible!

Do you like parties?

Decisive when selecting a glass set is the quantity determined by the number of persons living in the household. Do you like parties? Or are you a catering company with an ecological orientation? Then the purchase of several glasses and glass sets makes sense. After all, no host wants a glass missing on the table. If sustainability is important to you, look for glass sets that have been produced according to ecological criteria free of harmful substances and resource-friendly. This kind of glass range can be found at Greenpicks.

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