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Sustainable Women’s Jeans at Greenpicks

The jeans are probably the world's most worn and most popular piece of clothing. It embodies freedom, independence, is practical and an inseparable part of the women's fashion world. However, if you appreciate sustainability, will have problems with the jeans conventionally produced. For the cultivation of cotton pesticides are used; they harm to producers, the soiel, the environment and ultimately the women who wear them. Further damage to man and nature add the dyeing of fabrics and special chemical washes and treatments for a worn look. Meanwhile, there is also a large selection of eco-friendly women’s jeans from ecologically beneficial and skin-friendly materials.

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Women’s Jeans in organic quality

Sustainably produced jeans are, inter alia, made from organic cotton in their cultivation pesticides are not used. Even the dyeing process must meet certain environmentally friendly conditions. You can identify, for example, organic jeans with the seals GOTS or NATURTEXTIL IVN certified BEST. These seals define environmental requirements throughout the entire textile production chain, taking into account social responsibility. Sustainably made women's jeans at Greenpicks do not only look great, but correspond to the ecological and social standards. On top of that the casual pants stand comparison in terms of look, style and wearing comfort with any conventional jeans.

Women’s organic jeans leave nothing to be desired concerning cuts, fitting, patterns, colours and embellishments. Special environmentally friendly methods ensure that the comfortable pants gets fashionable patterns and trendy effects. Small Factories in turn have specialized in the production of eco-friendly women's jeans and finish after ordering your jeans to the bespoke fit. So you cut always in your favourite jeans a fine figure. Whether small volume manufacturers or large companies – all have in common to use only fairly traded and produced jeans fabrics. Thus, they combine nature protection and fairness, by committing to transparent production ways, by reducing or waiver of chemicals and to uniform standards in the remuneration of the producer.

Women’s Organic Denim: the fair partner for leisure, office and sports

Paired with a blazer and blouse the casual trouser is a perfect outfit for the office. Cool and stylish look jeans with an organic t-shirt and sneakers from vegan materials and is therefore also suitable for leisure as well as for school and university. In combination with a top made from recycled PET bottles eco jeans are a sporty partner for your outdoor pursuits.

In addition to the sustainable jeans collections of famous eco-friendly brands Greenpicks presents a variety of trousers, T-shirts and upcycling accessories. Order now from the great diversity of greenpicks.de/en!

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