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Rattles & Grasping Toys at Greenpicks

Rattles and grasping toys, baby toys that excite curiosity

In the first months of life a baby does not need much toys yet. It is busy by using its five senses tasting, feeling, smelling, seeing and hearing to perceive its environment. Around the age of three to six months, the little ones discover what they can do with their hands and try to reach for objects that are in the immediate vicinity. At this time, rattles and grasping toys are child-friendly toys. They serve the meaningful activity of the baby and are pedagogically valuable baby toys, which promote the development. Tactile sense, gripping reflex and motor skills are trained. The different shapes, materials, colours and also some sounds awaken the curiosity of the child and train its perception.

Pollutant-free and ecological gripping toys

Rattles and teething toys are among the first toys the baby deals with. Thus, the movement of the little fingers, feeling and gripping are promoted in the first place. Since the baby initially explores everything with the mouth, the pollutant-free and ecological quality should be given special emphasis. Regardless whether the grasping toy is made of wood, plastic, recycled plastic or fabrics, it should all be saliva-proof, scratch-resistant and dyed with ecologically acceptable paints and varnishes. Particularly durable are rattles and grasping toys made of wood, which come from sustainable forestry (FSC® or PEFC certified). Wood acts like a worry stone, it just feels good. There are plush toys that are free of chemicals and washable thanks to the organic cotton used. Quality labels such as NATURTEXTIL IVN certify BEST mark natural fibres, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) labels organic cotton and OEKO-TEX® check materials that have been tested for specific pollutants. Some baby toys also carry the Fair Trade seal. It is often produced in small factories in developing countries. The fair trade rattles and gripping toys ensure that producers can live from the work appropriately.

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Rattles made of bioplastics or recycled plastics also promote gross and fine motor skills. Provided with different textures, they additionally train the sense of touch. Sophie la Girafe, made of natural rubber, has been one of the most famous motor skill toys for decades. Phthalates, plasticisers, bisphenol A and B as well as animal ingredients are not to be found in baby toys and are taboo in eco toys. Some rattles and grasping toys are filled with crackling paper, rustling ingredients or bells, which also promotes the sense of hearing. Make sure that all parts and seams are securely sewn together and connected so that babies cannot swallow any small parts.

Sensible & sensual baby toys: rattles, grasping toys and pram chains

On the way, pram chains are a sensible way to promote and entertain the baby age-appropriate. The chain with figures and colourful elements is attached to the stroller. If the child is bored while walking through the city or nature, it starts to visually perceive the little rings and stuffed animals and then grabs afterwards them.

If no rattle has been given for birth, in every household are alternatives to be found, such as a wooden cooking spoon with hole, stirring spoon, tea strainer and similar kitchen utensils. For the initial promotion, these are inexpensive alternatives to grasping toys, provided that the household items comply with ecological criteria and are free of harmful pollutants. As soon as the first steps in development are recognizable, you can switch to the more sophisticated rattles and grasping toys that you find at Greenpicks in ecological quality and that are tailored to the needs of the offspring. With age-appropriate support, parents gradually provide their baby with independent development without overwhelming it.

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