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Dry Food at Greenpicks

Nutritious and natural organic dry dog food

If it has to be at a push or on a journey, certified organic dry dog food is a nutritious alternative to wet food. Dry dog food is longer lasting and economical in consumption, and is just as energetic as wet feeding. The lower water content also facilitates the transport and storage of dry food. Other benefits include dental care and hygiene around the feeding area. If the dog takes its meal, it stays relatively clean around the food bowl. Spread residues can be vacuumed up. Dry food also supports dental care in dogs. By chewing the solid ingredients, the dental plaque rubs off. If the faithful companion is mainly fed with wet dog food, the combination with dry food can be beneficial to dental hygiene.

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Crucial are the individual needs of the four-legged friends. So it may be that one dog eats only dry or wet food, while another dog appreciates the combination of both complete feedingstuffs. A sure sign of the preferred food is the feeding behaviour of the dog: Is the feeding bowl emptied? Does it have digestive problems?

Dry complete dog food certified by organic seals

> Dog food, which is labeled as "complete feeding stuff", provides your dog with all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals and trace elements – this also applies to organic dry dog food. The shape is reminiscent of croquettes or pellets, which the dog is served as a main meal with some tap water. In contrast to conventional dog dry food, a dry complete dog food certified by organic seals is free from artificial additives that spice it up unnecessarily (and sometimes harmful) with superfluous flavour enhancers, flavours, preservatives and colouring agents. The meat in organic dry dog food comes from certified species-appropriate husbandry, in which the animals are kept and fed in an appropriate way. The animals bred for slaughter must not be bred fast with concentrated feed, nor should they receive preventive antibiotics or even growth hormones. Vegetable ingredients such as vegetables and cereals are grown according to the rules of certified organic farming. Neither genetically modified plants are used, nor are fertilizers and pesticides applied to the fields. The gentle further processing (heating, baking, drying or cold pressing) to dry dog food without chemical additives is covered by certified organic dog food.

Organic dry food essentially consists of a high proportion of meat and contains a small portion of vegetables as an additional source of energy and as a digestive measure. The soluble fibres in the vegetables are utilised by the intestinal bacteria and the insoluble prevent constipation and stimulate the intestinal activity. In addition, various vegetables ensure optimal supply of vitamins.

Customized dry food for puppies, adult, senior and allergy dogs

Gastro-intestinal and rheumatic diseases and other dog diseases can cause the dog to be fed vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free. In order to meet the nutritional requirements of four-legged friends in every phase of life, certified organic dry dog food is customized to the needs of young dogs, sporting dogs and older dogs.

  • puppy dry food (for a smooth, healthy growth)
  • Dry food for adults and senior (easy to digest and energy-reduced) and for active dogs
  • vegan dry dog food
  • grain-free and gluten-free dry dog food
  • cold-pressed dry dog food
  • Hypoallergenic dry food for allergic dogs
  • diet dry dog food (for example, does the dog suffer from chronic diseases, diabetes, kidney insufficiency?)

Species-appropriate, protein-rich natural food for dogs

> The appropriate dry dog food is selected based on breed, weight, activity and age. Classic protein sources such as beef, lamb, pork, chicken, poultry and fish, as well as kangaroo, reindeer, water buffalo and dairy products, in addition to some vegetables and water meet the nutritional needs of dogs. The list of ingredients and details for dosage on the packaging provide important information as which breed should consume which amount of dry food. If the four-legged friend tends to allergic reactions, this may be due to the incompatibility of one or more sources of protein, such as animal proteins or carbohydrate compounds of protein and sugar. Then it is necessary to exclude the "protein evildoer" and switch to meat-free dry dog food, possibly in conjunction with organic dietary supplements or in the case of cereal intolerance to grain-free dry dog food.

In short, give your dog exactly the dry food in the feeding bowl that it needs and trust the organic quality in the dog food shop at Greenpicks. In the category dry food, there is not only special food for puppies, but also for hunting dogs, seniors, allergy sufferers or overweight dogs. Any questions? – Then use the button "contact seller" so that your questions are answered as quickly as possible.

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