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Backpacks at Greenpicks

For flexible use – sturdy backpacks

With backpacks your are extremely flexible, if on the way to school, university, work or sports The Backpack is – as its name suggests – carried on the back. So you can transport your organic food and eco fashion home from your shopping tour.

Eco-friendly backpacks for women, men and kids for many occasions

Many organic backpacks have a water bottle holder. Here you may perfectly place a water bottle without plasticizer. Thanks to the hands-free you can provide yourself at the same with a sip of water while walking. A sophisticated compartmentalization ensures that you always have an overview of the contents in your backpack. Backpacks for school, university or for the mobile office has, among many compartments for pens, accessories and documents also a laptop compartment.

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Backpacks for kids must, like business backpacks, withstand the high demands for resilience and stability. Ergonomic backpacks for women, men and children with adjustable straps are perfect for everyday wear. School backpacks and rucksacks for business with practical compartments and lots of inside pockets provide clarity.

Especially light travel backpacks for women and men are designed that they are suitable for day trips and city tours. When hiking it is particularly on light yet sturdy material. Backpacks specifically for travel have additional handles. The trolley variant also has a retractable handle and wheels.

Organic backpacks and Upcycling back bags

Eco-friendly backpacks are made from organic cotton, organic leather, used truck tarpaulin or other upcycling materials. When upcycling discarded raw materials and residues receive a second life. On the one hand this saves our resources. On the other hand, when upcycling unique pieces occur. This also means that sometimes no backpack with respect to its design is available for a second time. These big bags are often fair and socially produced and awarded with the Fair Trade label. Often sheltered workshops and social projects support regional and global designers in their creative process.

No matter what kind of backpack you choose at Greenpicks: In addition to functionality and design conservation, sustainability and fairness are always in the first place.

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