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Children's Books at Greenpicks

Children's books are sources of inspiration in a digital world

Books have a long tradition. Since the Middle Ages there are books as we know them today: with book covers and illustrations. For babies and children, books are much more valuable from a pedagogic point of view than television and computer games. With the help of children's books, the little ones understand contexts much better. Children's books inspire and promote imagination, they satisfy the child's curiosity and awake the spirit of discovery. All these are essentials of early childhood education. Touching, feeling, seeing, hearing are encouraged when the little ones are paging a book with Mom and Dad and Grandma and Grandpa read a story to them. Reading aloud gives the child attention and mindfulness. This creates security, closeness and trust as well as a homely atmosphere. Whether picture book, feeling book, storybook, animal book or non-fiction book – children's books are sources of inspiration in a digitally shaped world.

Sustainable children's books from ecological book production

Children's books are usually printed on paper and have a hardcover or softcover, except for a few picture books and touch and feel books for babies. Because babies and toddlers also explore the world by mouth, baby books should be made of cloth and other harmless materials. Eco publishers who publish sustainable children's books pay attention to climate-friendly and resource-efficient production. Against the background of nature conservation, in book production no questionable waste arises. Rather, all materials used are environmentally friendly and harmless to health. According to the Cradle to Cradle principle, the materials get to the biological cycle.

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Eco Children's Books – great stories for little people

A good and interesting children's book brings joy, courage and is written understandable. It takes up everyday situations such as the first time on the potty, at the dentist, in the kindergarten, on the farm, in the zoo, on the beach and the like. Artistically designed illustrations accompany the content child-oriented and according to the age. While the little ones go on a reconnaissance trip in a picture book, informative books and non-fiction books let come impressions alive from the animal world and describe native plants. The fairy tales and stories from sustainable children's books are in no way inferior in imagination, information content and illustrations to conventionally produced books.

Books promote children, exercise the mind and are fun

Children's books offer fun and entertainment to little bookworms and young readers. In addition, they provide playfully knowledge – a basis for everyday life, for school and further life. Books promote and train a variety of skills such as self-confidence, social behaviour, colour perception and language development. Children's books strengthen memory, concentration and fine motor skills. Children love colours and shapes, animals and flowers that they can paint. Colouring books stimulate the imagination. In dealing with the various pencils, the little painters train their gross motor activity and fine motor skills and the hand-to-eye coordination is strengthened. For the first brush strokes and exercises usually a few crayons with a thick tip and the backs of printed paper are sufficient. Proudly, the little ones will present their completed works of art and, as they grow older, wish for more sophisticated painting accessories from their parents. Then a colouring book is a meaningful gift for the next birthday.

Reading aloud as an evening ritual

The bedtime story is especially popular with children. The time spent together at the end of the day is especially enjoyed with mother or father. Spellbound, children listen to their parents' voices and imagine their own pictures. Or they repeat words that they find particularly interesting or funny and so easily expand their vocabulary. Reading aloud as an every evening ritual creates trust and security between parents and children – the moments, as well as the stories, will be remembered for a lifetime by girls and boys.

Children's books: current topics, long runners and bestsellers

Enjoyable reading experience for children are sustainable children's books at Greenpicks, which provide exciting and informative stories and are made from an ecological point of view. Current topics such as environmental protection, nature, waste separation, plastic avoidance are apprehended as well as bestsellers about horses, soccer, football and my first holiday.

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