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Practical storage in the bathroom in a natural and eco-friendly way

Where to go with all the useful things in the bathroom? On the one hand, toothbrush, body lotion and a supply of eco toilet paper can be accommodated in bathroom furniture; on the other hand, it is also handy to have the most important bathroom accessories, which are needed every day for body care. With the aid of a storage box, laundry basket, towel rail or space-saving shelf systems, you can make the storage in the bathroomnatural, ecological and practical.

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Storage containers made of glass, wood, porcelain and bioplastics

Anyone who nowadays is particularly concerned about avoiding plastic uses soap, shower gel and bath lotion from refill packs or filling stations, which can be found in more and more organic shops. Onetime is the purchase of the appropriate storage containers such as glass bottles with a dispenser, a soap tray made of thermo-wood, a toothpaste cup made of bioplastics or porcelain and a soap dispenser made of soapstone. In order to keep the bathroom tidy and harmonious, there are many beautiful storage possibilities such as a box made of recyclable materials like organic wood, bioplastics, water hyacinth, bamboo and hemp. Instead of buying plastic boxes, you can stabilize and decorate a stable carton from the supermarket. For the storage in the environmentally oriented bathroom, the strict guidelines for fairness, sustainability, nature protection and naturalness are included in the production process as well as in all products at www.greenpicks.de. Valuable raw materials should not come into contact with dangerous substances during the production or processing. This also serves the protection of man and the environment. Finally, in the bathroom no pollutants should be emitted and burden the climate in the oasis of wellness.

Utensilos and hooks in the bathroom

In a small bathroom, utensilos made of recycled fabrics from the textile industry, from coffee bags or truck tarpaulin provide order. Shampoo, hairbrush, shaving brush and make-up accessories can be stored in many pockets. The practical hanging system can be hang up e.g. at the door.

Hooks are also useful in the bathroom. Stable and proven are hooks made of stainless steel, which can be recycled without loss. Close to the sink or attached to the door, washcloths, towel and bathrobe have their place. Dirty laundry can be parked in a decorative paper bag made from recycled paper.

Upcycling furniture and eco-friendly furniture against chaos in the bathroom

Last but not least, bathroom furniture also helps to keep towels, detergents for the toilet, creams, makeup, shaving accessories and electrical appliances in the bathroom. No matter what size the bathroom has – with sophisticated and modular storage systems, it is easy to maintain order. Bathroom furniture and shelves made of upcycled pallets or wooden boxes, which once transported delicate components, are modular furniture in many shapes and sizes. This can prevent any chaos in the bathroom. They are not only water-repellent, but also comply with all the rules of art in relation to green lifestyle. Let yourself be inspired by the creative ideas for plastic-free bathroom storage at Greenpicks.

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