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Vases and bowls – sustainable home accessories for decorative perfection

A colourful bouquet of tulips as a herald of spring, red roses as a declaration of love, a lush bouquet for a wedding – for purely practical reasons, flowers need a container that can be filled with water. But vases are more than just practical vessels, they are decorative objects that embellish the home. A potpourri of bowl, vase and candles is the decorative perfection.

There are already considerable differences in the shapes and materials, which are also significant against the background of sustainability.

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Which vase for which flower?

People who have a penchant for decorating cannot have enough vases. However, a basic equipment is already covered with three options. These include a large floor vase, a medium-high square / cube vase and one with a narrow mouth. Neutral vases made of white porcelain or colourless glass go with any interior style. Seasonal flowers are stylishly presented in them in every season. But eccentric, exciting designs also very good accent vases. A single, tall flower, floral stems or a heavy branch looks particularly good in a bottle vase. The bottle vase is known for its simplicity and functionality. Bowl vases are multifunctional decorative objects. Not only arranging flowers like roses or a bouquet of flowers into a bowl vase is gorgeous every time, it also leaves plenty of room for decoration. Imagination is the name of the game! At Easter filled with colourfully painted eggs, in autumn with chestnuts and acorns and in Advent with natural pine cones – a container offers a wide range of possibilities of decoration. The diverse use of home accessories is sustainable in this respect.

For a more minimalistic style, glass jars such as food jars, glass bottles and the like are ideal vessels for flowers. Refined with glass paint, napkin technique, stickers and natural materials such as raffia and sisal, the everyday jars are given a second life. In this way, unique vases are created with little financial effort, which can be precisely coordinated with the interior design style.

Even flowers that break off can still be used for decoration. Simply place them in a shallow bowl filled with water. A decorative bowl with floating candles and petals also adds a cosy atmosphere with splashes of colour to the table setting.

Glass, ceramic, porcelain, stoneware, metal or wood – which material is suitable for vases and bowls?

In addition to shape and size, the material plays a major role in the selection of vases and bowls. Materials determine the possibilities of processing and the final appearance is determined by the shape, size and material. Sustainable designers focus on creating organic and unique structures with mouth-blown glass and handmade stoneware.

Mouth-blown and handmade glass vases stand for the old tradition of glass making. Handmade vases and bowls made of stoneware, but also of wood, characterise the typical culture of craftsmanship. Though the term ceramics covers a vast array of different types of clays (e.g. stoneware, porcelain), generally speaking, it is known for being durable, scratch resistant, easy to clean and able to withstand a lifetime of use. Ceramic vases convince with all styles – from modern to classic to rustic. Porcelain vases are classics among flower containers. Blossoms, leaves, twigs and lush bouquets show off to their best advantage in porcelain vases. A wide range of designs provides an opportunity to add a touch of elegance to anything from rustic to industrial to contemporary living spaces with porcelain. Decorative vases shine with innovative shapes and puristic designs.

Wood might not be the first material that comes to mind thinking of vases, but wood vases provide a natural, organic appearance with neutral colours and the gorgeous lines and swirls of wood grain. The natural material is ideal brightening up an area with an authentic accent from the countryside. In addition, there are availabe matching inserts for wooden vases to keep water inside them for fresh flowers.

Combined with a fruit bowl made of the same material as the vase or from an Eco Design series, the ensemble has great decorative potential.

Sustainability strategies in the production of vases and bowls

The production of vases and bowls made of glass, ceramics, porcelain and stoneware is an energy-intensive production process. In order to continuously improve energy efficiency, production processes are optimised wherever possible to achieve the goal of climate neutrality. One possibility is to run the furnaces on green electricity instead of natural gas. In this way, less CO2 is released.

Although ceramics require a lot of energy during their production – especially during the firing process – ceramic products are actually very sustainable products overall. This is partly because they are made from raw materials such as clay, loam and quartz sand, which are abundant in nature.

On the other hand, ceramic vases and bowls are enormously durable home accessories. If handled carefully, ceramic goods last a lifetime and have inheritance potential. The aspect of long usability puts the high energy expenditure in production into perspective – especially when compared to the very short useful life of many plastic products (disposable products).

For the manufacturing enterprises, waste avoidance is part of the sustainability strategy. The aim is to prevent or reduce the harmful effects of waste generation and disposal thereof, to reduce the overall impact of resource use and to improve the efficiency of resource use, in order to protect the environment and human health.

Versatile decor pieces

Bowls are essential decorative accessories with a shallow depth and flat sides, which distinguishes them from bowls. In addition, they can also be used for storing and serving food and as stylish tableware. For storing fruit, the material should be food-safe and acid-resistant. In particular, decorative bowls can be used in more than one area of the house and are the most versatile. With changing accessories or different vases and candles, stylish arrangements can be created. Placed on the dining table or sideboard, vases and decorative bowls create an eye catcher with an expressive character.

Modern decors, floral patterns and trendy colours give each bowl a unique design that is not only convincing on the tabletop, but also as home accessories on chests of drawers, shelves and cupboards.

Although shape and colours are the most important factors when choosing decorative bowls, it helps to take a look at the materials. As with vases, there are bowls made of ceramic, porcelain, stoneware, glass and wood. They are creations for minimalist and modern living that look great on their own in the room or shine with their functionality, for example as a fruit bowl. Manufacturers place a high value on combining a sense of design and purpose without losing sight of sustainable properties. These are sustainable home accessories that are classic, timeless and stand the test of time against design trends.

Varied vases and bowls with decorative potential

The assortment at Greenpicks offers vases and bowls for every taste and budget. It is also characterised by the great variety of colours and designs. The distinctive colour combinations and surface structures of the sustainable home accessories harmonise excellently with both modern and unusual ambience. Classic as well as extravagant colours and shapes give life to these decor pieces and express the passion of the artists. The decorative objects appear in elegant and timeless elegance or in minimalist design, which flatters every interior style. These furnishing accessories and their contents bring naturalness and liveliness to your own four walls.

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