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Naturally, babies and toddlers need quite a lot of clothing and accessories at the beginning of their lifes. The newborn grow particularly fast in the first two years of life, which means that often larger baby clothing needs to be purchased. If your baby already has siblings, parents also rely on the facilities of the firstborn. Even children flea markets or second-hand markets are a good alternative to buy cheap baby clothes. For parents who want to have reduced baby organic clothing and baby accessories, it is advisable to browse through our SALE Baby department. Here you will find clothing made of skin-friendly materials, toys, furniture, and accessories for sleeping, bathing and eating from materials tested for harmful substances.

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Keen Offers for Baby Sustainable Clothing and Accessories

Washing, swaddling and feeding needs all kinds of accessories, which make your work easier and the situation for your child make as pleasant as possible. In addition to the practical side and the feel-good aspect, for environmentally conscious parents it is an important role, from which, where and how nappies, dishes and baby furniture are manufactured. For one baby accessories shall consist of skin-friendly and non-toxic materials and be stable and robust, and on the other hand the baby products should be produced under fair conditions without child labor. As in our other categories you will find special offers for babies on Greenpicks always only products that meet our sustainability criteria. Whether high chair, cot, diapers, babygrow, wash cloths and towels – also in Baby SALE the products are of ecologically compatible materials without pollution. On greenpicks.de you find certified organic baby brand-name products at reduced prices. So you do not have to worry and can save even more money.

If your offspring has outgrown again from its clothes, and also the mattress is now too short, you can budget your money in the sellout searching for cute shirts, pyjamas and bedding made from certified organic cotton, accessories such as beanies and gloves made from organic wool and mug, cup and plate made of bioplastic. Even keen offers of eco-friendly shoes, baby jackets, baby bottle and teat of natural rubber for the little ones over bibs, spoons, and mattresses with organic millet- or organic spelt-filling can be found regularly in SALE Baby.

Eco-friendly toys for babies in SALE

Eco toys are not only a nice gift for your child for birthday or Christmas, but at the same time promote the skill and stimulate thinking processes. Here, environmentally conscious parents wish educationally valuable toys and toys from non-toxic materials that are certified by certain seals of approval like GOTS, Fair Wear or Spiel gut®. From infants to schoolchild: On Greenpicks you get eco toys for children of all ages on SALE. From grasping toys and rattles made of organic cotton or natural rubber through building sets and marble runs from FSC-certified wood to skill games, doll’s pram and vehicles you get green bargains that make your child's eyes shine and are also environmentally friendly.

Natural Baby Care Products in SALE

Especially in the first years of life the newborn consumes large amounts of body care products and food. In this time, the baby's skin is particularly sensitive, and you need appropriate organic baby oil, body lotion and soap. This can cost a pretty penny. Often it also happens that babies respond to nutrition with cow's milk allergy after having stopped breastfeeding. Then, goat milk powder is a welcome alternative. Besides special offers for baby care you will find food and suitable eating utensils for babies in eco-friendly quality for favourable prices in the category SALE Baby.

Especially if you appreciate baby fashion and baby accessories in certified organic quality, you are sure to enjoy plenty of green bargains at Greenpicks. Brand-named manufacturers of eco-friendly baby clothing and baby accessories from all over Europe can offer at the turn of the season or discontinued models for reduced prices in our category SALE Baby.

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