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Women‘s bathrobes are a piece of home

For some women, the bathrobe is just a useful garement. Others associate relaxation, wellness and cuddly moments. Women’s bathrobes are a piece of home. In it we feel safe and secure, no matter whether we wrap ourselves in the bathrobe at home, on the beach, in the sauna or in the spa. It provides warmth and nestles pleasantly to your body. If it is made of absorbent materials, it sometimes even replaces the towel. As a wrap bathrobe and made out of soft, flowing fabrics, it can also be worn as a beach dress or cossie. This diversity makes women’s bathrobes indispensable companions.

Organic cotton, hemp, bamboo – exquisite natural fibers

The best material for bathrobes is terry cloth. This fabric absorbs water easily and releases it easily, making it perfect after bathing. The terry bathrobe is particularly skin-friendly if it is made of organic cotton. The cultivation of organic cotton does not use genetic engineering, chemical pesticides or fertilizers.

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A meaningful seal for organic cotton is the GOTS label, which can be found in certified textiles. Even stricter is the IVN label. But even if products are labeled "certified organic farming”, you can usually rely on the fact that the cotton plants come from organic farming. As organic cotton is increasingly grown on small family-owned farms, social and ethical conditions are often better. The Fairtrade seal and the Fair Wear Foundation are labels for fair goods. Bathrobes are also made from other natural fibres, such as bamboo or hemp. These crops are particularly breathable, feel pleasantly on the skin and are still very hard-wearing.

Cuddly relatives of the ladies bathrobe: sauna coat, bathing poncho, sauna kilt and dressing gown

In addition to skin-friendly materials and an attractive look, of course, the matching length and a perfect fit play an important role. Bathrobes for women are available in several lengths: from normal length to extra short, from knee-length to calf-length. While a short bathrobe looks rather sporty, calf-length models keep you warm and are wonderful for cuddling. Some are without or with hood, which keeps your head warm and gives you the opportunity to cover your wet hair. Alternatively, a wide shawl collar protects the neck and head from cold and chilling. A practical tie belt serves as a closure and simultaneously emphasizes the waist. Bathrobes with a zipper, however, sit a little bit more relaxed and wider. Large patch pockets provide plenty of space for all sorts of trifles. Tie belt, hood and patch pockets are often used as a fashionable design element and designed in contrast to the rest of the bathrobe.

Related to the women’s bathrobe are sauna coat, terry cloth wrap dress, bathing poncho, kimono, sauna kilt and dressing gown. This feel-good clothing is also offered by Greenpicks in ecological quality. Ladies, get out of bed and into a cuddly soft bathrobe or in a comfortable dressing gown. The cosy warmth of the bed can easily be taken along the day. Ordered online at Greenpicks, you can start the day comfortably in just a few days.

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