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Eco-friendly office supplies for the Green Office

The type of work determines which office supplies are needed to make everyday work easier. Puncher, stapler, pencil cups, sharpeners, folders, wastebaskets and useful office tools such as paper clips and flexi filing strip fastener are classic office supplies. Printing paper, pens, rulers, stationery and office furniture are also classics in office equipment. Only if one of the articles is broken or used up, it becomes apparent how important office accessories are. At least now it is time to replace missing office supplies for eco office equipment and switch to the green office. Because in terms of the environment, resource-efficient, recyclable and non-toxic office supplies protect people and nature.

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Green seals as signpost

Ecological alternatives to conventional office supplies are made of recyclable and recycled materials such as metal, paper, cardboard, wood (preferably from local forestry), eco leather and bioplastics. Green seals, which check sustainable office equipment and their producers for sustainability, show bosses and manageresses the way.

The eco label Blue Angel examines the "life cycle" of office supplies, e.g. office equipment made of recycled paper for the office and school and checks here among other things also for harmful substances that endanger health and the environment. The raw materials for printing, wood and paper products with FSC® and PEFC certification come from forests that are managed responsibly. If the practical articles for office routine as well as office furniture are manufactured in sheltered workshops and by NGOs, Greenpicks assigns these to the sustainability criterion "fair and social". The purchase of eco office supplies does not only give companies a "green appearance", but also supports people who are disadvantaged in the first job market for a variety of reasons.

What else is needed in the office ...

In the office sometimes other items are required that make everyday office life pleasant like at home. A cup for coffee or tea, a tumbler for cold drinks and plates, bowls and cutlery for lunch. Environmental tip: Replace disposable cups and tableware for porcelain cups, glasses and dishes. This reduces waste and saves resources. In addition, it is much more pleasant to eat from a porcelain plate and to drink from a glass. A deposit system helps the staff bring the dishes back to the canteen.

Greenpicks Office Shop for business and private customers

Eco Office Supplies in the Greenpicks Office Shop help business customers and private clients achieve their professional and personal goals in a sustainable way. Anyone who uses a video conference instead of flying business class around the world significantly reduces your own carbon footprint. Whether you work in the home office or in an office – sustainable office equipment in the Greenpicks office supply store give you everything you need for a well-organized workday.

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