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Women's undershirts - Basic underwear & tops

Once old-fashioned and frowned upon, women's undershirts are today's absolute all-rounders. The fashion accessories can be worn as a singlet as well as a top and conquer as a basic underwear the women's fashion. Under a sweater or T-shirt, they keep you warm at cool days. Especially undershirts made of eco cotton absorb moisture. Who wants to allow a little more insight, wears the tight-fitting underwear as top casually under a blouse, in which only a few buttons are closed, and the chic sleeveless top comes to light. Tanned skin is particularly well accentuated by a sporty undershirt or tank top.

Women's undershirts made of organic cotton, hemp, bamboo & natural fibres

As for outerwear and underwear, the boundaries are fluid. By contrast, there are clear requirements for organic lingerie for the materials, farming methods for the natural fibres and manufacturing processes. Natural materials such as cotton, bamboo and hemp do not cause any toxins during cultivation and thus burden neither humans nor nature.

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Child labor and slave labour are prohibited, both when harvesting the raw materials and when processing into the finished undershirt and top. Fair wages, regular working hours, access to health care systems and education are just a few examples that guarantee the Fairtrade seal. Frequently, the natural fibers from which women's undershirts are produced carry multiple organic labels such as GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), Fairtrade, Fair Wear Foundation, Soil Association or certified organic farming. This ensures that women's tops & undershirts made of pollutant-tested fabrics are fairly manufactured and high quality processed to high quality. The skin-friendly organic quality guarantees pleasant wearing comfort.

Multifaceted basics as a sustainable fashion statement

Organic women's undershirts do not only draw attention to the figure, but are also extremely practical and functional. They warm and prevent the outerwear from coming into direct contact with the skin. This is especially beneficial when you sweat. The moisture is absorbed by the undershirt and protects the outerwear, which then has to be washed less frequently. Depending on the material, a tight-fitting undershirt can have a temperature-balancing effect. So not only sports are fun, but heated meetings in the office are withstood in a cool way. If undershirts and tops are made of densely woven natural fibres (without synthetic fibres!), as shapewear they can skillfully conceal problematic areas.

Whether as undershirts, seductive shirt, as tank top or strappy top, as long-sleeved T-shirts or muscle shirt, athletic shirts and sporty short-sleeveed shirt – the undershirts for women at Greenpicks are multifarious basics that simultaneously underline your natural femininity in a variety of ways.

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