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Reusable eco-friendly shopping bags

Saturday is market day! And what does the eco-conscious person buy? - Organic food! And wherein are they transported? – Right, in eco-friendly shopping bags and sacs made of organic cotton. With the shopping bag you do not only carry your organic vegetables home, but also prevent the healthy foods from coming in touch with toxic materials like with conventional bags. In addition, we all reduce the growing amount of plastic waste. Many eco-friendly shoppers are manufactured from 100 % organic cotton. These are also perfect for carrying groceries from the supermarket to home. The organic cotton Re-Sack Net can be put directly in the refrigerator.

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Plastic-free shopping

The seas and all landscapes are drowning in plastic. And we consumers call all the shots to avoid this. Not only that a large amount of energy and oil is needed for the production of plastic, especially the careless discarding of plastic pollutes our environment additionally.

With each waiver of plastic bags, we all contribute that less plastic is produced. For a considerable time already there have been plastic bags made from biodegradable plastics, so-called bioplastic.

At fruit and vegetable counters there are plastic bags galore. Two apples, a banana, a lemon, three carrots and lettuce – do you have to pack everything separately? Avoid plastic bags by pursing a shopping bag in your handbag or jacket pocket. So you get along even without an extra bag when you do impulse buying.

If it sometimes does not work and you have to take to a plastic bag, we recommend to dispose it in the recycling container.

Eco-friendly shopping bags are available in many styles and colours. Women as men feel addressed. And if the kids already like to go shopping, you will find at Greenpicks bags for children.

Upcycled Shopping Bags

Alternative Fair Trade shopping bags are created in the course of upcycling. Eco Shopper are often made in a sheltered workshop they do not only give people meaningful employment, but do also even good for the environment.

Fair shopping and green shopping – a sign of our times!

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