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Organic Baby Trousers for Girls and Boys

Baby clothes need to be comfortable. This applies for trousers as well as for rompers, bodysuits and other basics. Finally, the offspring wants to discover its world crawling. What the baby pants look like is more important to the parents than for the baby. If parents value fashionable design, attractive colours and applications as well as ecological aspects, then they are in good hands when looking for baby trousers for girls and boys at Greenpicks. Of course, organic baby trousers meet all the criteria in terms of design, organic quality and sustainability.

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Hardwearing and comfortable trousers for babies in organic quality

The comfortable baby trousers are available in many trendy designs, colours and cuts. Choose between cloth trousers, cargo pants, baby jeans, corduroy trousers, sweatpants, summer pants, rain trousers, dungarees, shorts and sweatpants. All trouser models give the offspring the freedom of movement that it needs when crawling, slipping and finding its feet. Many manufacturers describe aptly their baby trousers as "cosiness trousers" (bloomers). It is wide tailored at the legs. A wide waistband keeps baby’s stomach and kidneys warm. Cuffs on the ankle, which also have the advantage that they can be rolled up, ensure a good fit. So your baby can wear the "growing trousers" beyond a size. An aspect that spares two resources: natural materials and your money.

Non-toxic Baby Trousers made of organic certified fabrics

Made of ecological materials such as organic cotton, organic terrycloth, organic plush, the trousers offer the baby a high wearing comfort and do not release any harmful substances to the sensitive baby skin. The raw materials come from certified organic farming or from certified biological animal husbandry. Organic seals such as GOTS, IVN and Fair Trade ensure that cultivation, production and processing are free of pollutants and made under fair conditions. Genetic engineering and child labour are also taboo. Many baby trousers for girls and boys are also vegan.

The high-quality processing of organic baby trousers is reflected in the long-lasting quality. Because when babies are crawling on all fours in the apartment and on the playground for an adventure trip, hardwearing trousers are in demand. Depending on the occasion, the trousers for babies can be combined: sporty-casual with shorts and T-shirt and casual leisure look with baby hoodie. Chic for a wedding would be baby leggings and skirt for girls or cloth trousers and shirt for boys. Practical closures such as elastic waistband or nickel-free snap fasteners also make it easier to dress clothes.

Basic Baby Trousers: organic cotton joggers, sweatpants, shorts and pull-on trousers

Even from a minimalistic point of view, parents need more than just a single baby trousers for their child. Because spitting and spilling belong to everyday baby life, there is always at least one pair of pants in the laundry. Next to sweatpants, rompers, also jeans and cloth trousers belong to the baby wardrobe. But with five to six baby trousers, divided into two different sizes, you are well prepared for everyday life with a baby. Organic baby trousers for girls and boys for summer and winter can be found online at Greenpicks – Eco & Upcycling Market.

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