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Sustainable covers and cases for tablets and mobile phones

Smartphones and iPhones are popular worldwide, but also sensitive equipment. They are in daily use, lying around in your bag, backpack, or put in your pocket. And since mobile phones are often very expensive, you should not skimp on proper protection.

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Eco-friendly mobile phone cases and upcycled sleeve for electronic devices

Ecoconscious mobile phone cases are suitable for all smartphones. In addition to this in many colours, with cap or collar. And the best part: The mobile phone cases of our suppliers are often handmade and created in an upcycling process. For example, the cases for cell phone, camera, laptop, iPhone and document cases are manufactured in fair projects in Calcutta, New Delhi and in other Asian countries and are Fair Trade certified.

Also in terms of design and colour the cases for mobile equipment leave nothing to be desired. Especially mobile phone cases, laptop sleeves and iPad cases gain a distinctive design in an upcycling process. When upcycling remaining raw materials or discarded materials are processed into a new product. Often only a few remnants of one type exist, so that the processing of any protective cover is one of a kind.

Natural protection for mobile phone, iPhone, iPad & Co.

Cases for smart phones, iPad, iPhone, camera, laptop, tablet PC from organic leather and organic cotton meet environmental standards. In dyeing vegetable dyes are used. The cultivation of organic cotton is proceeded without pesticides and pollutants. Even the pretty gift boxes are made of recycled cardboard. Who is consuming ecoconsciously, also pays attention to the fact that even in the smallest details such as packaging for mobile phone cases and sleeves the manufacturers present their production processes transparently and respect nature conservancy, sustainability and fairness.

When it comes to safety, the eco-friendly mobile phone cases are also far ahead. The cases are padded and preserve the mobile phones and tablets from damage or water splashes. The robust slipcovers made from disused tea bags, fire hose or car tires safely protect when falling; the soft interior from various residual materials or micro fiber protects the screen from scratches.

Enjoy the double benefit: protection for your favourite piece and protection of the environment. Sustainably produced covers, cases and sleeves for mobile phones and tablets you’ll find at Greenpicks – your online marketplace for green and ecological products.

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