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Airy Footwear for Men

Wear sandals without socks and you'll feel the freedom of summer.
Well-groomed feet are mandatory, because men's sandals bring them to light.
Flip Flops made of bioplastics are the ecological trend.

Warm temperatures require airy footwear for men, so they feel comfortable in the summer during leisure time and in the job. Once sandals and thong sandals were frowned upon in the job, nowadays they are depending on the profession an expression of a Mediterranean clothing style. Men's sandals are quite in vogue in start-up companies and creative professions, provided that they are stylishly matched to jeans and T-shirts or suits. In classical occupational fields such as in banks and insurance companies, one is not so open-minded concerning the open shoes. Here classic men's slippers and mule are a good compromise. However, fashion-minded men should not compromise on the quality and materials of sandals and thongs. And therefore resort to sustainably produced shoe labels.

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Sustainable Men's Sandals and Thongs for Men

Classic sandals and toe separators for men are mostly made of smooth and nubuck leather, organic leather, recycled faux leather or vegan leather. Leather sandals are made of vegetable tanned leather. Tanning takes place without chromium and other heavy metals, which is neither hazardous to health nor to the environment.

In addition to textile materials such as organic cotton, linen and hemp, natural rubber and bioplastic are also used for sporty men's sandals, loafers and flip flops. The organic material consists mainly of plant fibres and is recyclable. Bioplastics is biodegradable and decomposes significantly faster than conventional plastic, but is just as robust.

In turn upcycling designers use existing materials and recycle car tires and leather for the soles and the upper of the shoes. Thus, the eco sandals for men protect the environment. Perfect fit and fitted with a cushion they are manufactured worldwide in factories maintained by NGOs, in sheltered workshops and in classic shoe factories.

Seals such as Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Naturleder IVN zertifiziert (sustainable leather), the Blue Angel, Made Green and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® are certified for pollutant-tested raw materials, intermediate and end products as well as accessory materials. Sustainable shoe brands producing out-of Europe, e.g. in Asia and Africa, certify the men summer shoes by Fairtrade. This seal guarantees fair wages, regular working hours and social benefits.

Classic and sporty Eco Toe Separator for Men

Popular footwear in the swimming pool, in the sauna or for a relaxing visit on the beach and bathing lake are eco thongs. A strap separates the great toe from the middle toe Digitus II. Manufactured from bioplastics based on oils from corn, rapeseed, soy and sunflowers and from organic waste such as stems, leaves or flowers, the casual footwear is predestined for water shoes. If the recyclable material is combined with fabric (eg organic cotton, linen), it gives the outfit a summery casual charm in combination with trendy cargo pants. The flexible organic rubber sole adapts beautifully to the feet. Combined with shorts and a T-shirt, the airy men's shoes impress with their casual look and the highest possible wearing comfort.

Although the term flip-flops is a protected brand name, it has become known colloquially for toe separators. Organic flip flops can also be found outside the free time. Black, brown or beige thongs that are made of organic or vegan leather are particularly suitable for a more elegant outfit.

Shoe accessories for a neat appearance

In addition to the robust materials, the proper care of men's sandals and men's toe separators is the name of the game for a long service life and a neat appearance. Shoe accessories such as a brush to clean shoes, a cotton cloth, shoe polish and shoe trees and shoehorns are practical tools to wear the favourite summer shoes as long as possible.

Sustainable Men's Summer Shoes

Men's sandals and toe separators are available at Greenpicks in sustainable designs. Starting with the sporty flip flops made of recyclable bioplastics, which are just as practical for a beach walk as for a water shoe. The summery men's shoe range also includes classic organic leather sandals with adjustable straps and chic mules. Eco trekking sandals are the perfect footwear for hiking and outdoor sports. Robust material provides a secure fit and protects the feet. Also wooden clogs belong to the summer shoes and can be assigned to the sandals in the broadest sense. As an outdoor shoe in autumn and winter, the sturdy wooden shoes are worn with thick, self-knitted wool socks. For every type, there are the matching men's summer shoes, which emphasize the individual type perfectly, without having to do without sustainable men's footwear.

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