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Organic Children's Mattresses & Mattress Topper at Greenpicks

Non-toxic Organic Kids’ Mattresses & Mattress Toppers

Choosing the right cot mattress is a matter of comfort and safety combined with a focus on non-toxic materials. The European safety standard for mattresses DIN EN 16890 specifies the safety requirements for hardness, ingredients, pollutants, durability, comfort, and safety, used in children’s cots, travel cots, cribs and suspended baby beds. These test criteria also apply to mattress toppers for child’s beds. Organic children's mattresses are also characterised by organic materials and organic certifications.

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Lying characteristics of the childrens’ mattress

In the first years of life, children must manage with many impressions and sensory input during the day. To recover from this, toddlers sleep between 9 and 13 hours a day. For a restful sleep, the child's mattress should have a medium firm feel. The right degree of hardness supports the healthy growth of the spine. The standard size for children's mattresses is 70 x 140 cm. Depending on how quickly the offspring shoot up, larger children's mattresses of 90 x 200 cm are recommended, which the child can then use through early adulthood.

Kids Natural Mattresses tested according to Ecological Criteria

As with organic baby mattresses and mattresses for adults, the mattress core is essential for a high level of sleeping comfort. Natural mattresses for children consist of cold foam, fair trade natural latex, organic spellt husks, organic millet hulls and coconut fibres and a cover made of 100% certified organic cotton. For optimal firmness of the supple grain shells, they are bathed in natural rubber. The materials used are natural, healthy, air-permeable, breathable and biodegradable. A non-toxic child's mattress that has been tested for harmful substances according to the DIN safety requirements, and in addition, which has also been tested according to ecological criteria, can be an initial orientation for a good organic mattress. Additional certificates such as Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, and Fair Trade attest to high quality standards for sustainability and socially acceptable production.

Organic Mattress Toppers for Kids’ Bed

An organic mattress protector extends the life of the children's mattress. Since the little ones spend a lot of time in bed and also romp and play in it, the mattress is protected from dust and dirt with a layer. Made from high-quality natural fibres from certified organic farming and from species-appropriate husbandry, the organic mattress toppers are washable at 60° C to 90° C and are suitable for allergy sufferers.

Vegan mattress toppers for the cot have a core made from organic millet hulls, organic spellt husks or seaweed. Enveloped in a cover made of certified organic cotton, the vegan mattress protector is absorbent, breathable, temperature-balancing, resistant and washable. The up to 6 cm high organic mattress toppers offer the best sleeping comfort and can be rolled up as a travel mattress for children. This means that the little ones also have their usual, natural sleeping environment when they spend a weekend with grandma and grandpa.

Children's Sleeping Mats with Natural Filling Materials

A versatile alternative to mattress toppers is a support layer with natural filling materials. With a lower height of 3 cm, the roll-up mattresses are easy to carry wherever you want. The sleeping mat is therefore suitable as a support layer for the children's mattress in the travel cot. This offers toddlers additional sleeping comfort in a possibly unfamiliar environment. Fillings with organic spellt husks, organic millet hulls, organic wool balls, coconut fibres and seaweed offer variable firmness. The natural fibres absorb moisture and support a dry sleeping environment. The spellt husks and millet hulls treated with natural rubber make the sleeping mats very durable. They are biodegradable at the end of their useful life. Organic seals and fair trade natural rubber confirm the ecological purity of the grain fillings. If the sleeping mat is no longer needed for the cot, the natural fibre mat can be used as a crawling mat, yoga mat or as a seat pad for a bench or a sunbed.

Ecological Control of Organic Children's Mattresses and Organic Mattress Toppers for Children's Beds

All organic children's mattresses at Greenpicks are of high organic quality and first-class workmanship. The organic mattress toppers for children and young people bear the quality seal Made in Germany. Other models that are manufactured in Europe also go through strict ecological processes in order to guarantee resource-efficient production and non-toxic children's mattresses and mattress toppers for children's beds.

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