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Organic Yoga Clothing

Those who decide for yoga, aim generally to a unity of body, mind and soul. This also includes the deliberate use of nature and its resources. So yoga clothing made from organic cotton come into consideration. If you want to feel comfortable in your own skin, you will prefer yoga shirts and pants from GOTS certified cotton. Not only that these organic cotton is fair and social gained and processed, already in cultivation pesticides, artificial fertilizers and genetic engineering is dispensed. Also in the further processing of cotton from controlled biological cultivation no chemical additives are used. And since you can even start to sweat when doing yoga, one wishes on one hand absorbent sportswear and on the other hand organic yoga fashion that is skin-friendly.

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Yoga provides positive coping with stress

In the western world, yoga is a gentle sport with healing and spiritual effects. Many people associate with yoga wellness, health and fitness. In addition, the gym with spiritual content has a depth effect, which causes a harmonisation of body, mind and soul.

Often, people suffer from extreme workload, stress, back- and neck pain and headache. To find your inner self in the stressful everyday life is a high art. Gymnastic exercises and meditation support this to solve the stress-related tension.

Yoga accessories made from natural materials

Yoga combines different physical and breathing exercises, deep relaxation and meditation, which are performed in a lying, sitting or standing position on a yoga mat. Depending on the style an organic yoga cushion or organic yoga mat, filled with organic spelt or organic millet, is offered as an underlay. The advantage of fillings from cereal husks is that the coated organic cotton crop is especially cuddly and very breathable and always feels comfortably tempered. On the stable and non-slip yoga mats meditation and exercises can be done easygoing. Ergonomic meditation cushions support the pelvis and provide an upright posture of the spine. Practically, the yoga mat bag in which mats can be comfortably stowed curled. Bags for mats are often made from natural materials or are produced in an upcycling process. Here disused materials are given a new life. The result are unique upcycling bags.

Mindfulness in harmony with nature

Browse through the sustainable range of yoga accessories and organic yoga fashion at Greenpicks. – Yoga for a better quality of living, balance, mindfulness and energy.

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