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Travel Bags & Suitcases at Greenpicks

Eco Travel bags & suitcases: well-equipped on the go

Whether briefcase, backpack, or trolley: eco-friendly Travel bags and suitcases provide space for the important things when you travel. In the Greenpicks category Bags & Co. you will find a selection of luggage in different versions for business trips, holidays and quick trips.

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Travel bags & suitcases – sturdy, durable, sustainable

Is there anything better to spend a few days in a country or a new city far away from home? Besides girlfriend or boyfriend also the baggage should be a reliable travel companion. Women and men expect from travel bags & suitcases sturdy and durable materials that can withstand many flights as well as numerous cycling tours. A sophisticated compartmentalization ensures that you always have an overview of the content of your suitcase. Who is traveling a lot, will prefer bags and suitcases on wheels with practical and waterproof properties.

Outdoor fans are well equipped with belt pouches and rucksacks. The outdoor backpacks focused on practicality and comfort are increasingly produced from recycled materials. Not only that this conserves our resources; the travel luggage made from recycled PET bottles are just as sturdy and comfortable as their conventional counterparts.

And because of the fact that besides all the practicability the optics and sustainability should not come off badly, there are travel bags and suitcases for women, men and children in attractive colours, unique patterns and unusual materials such as tarpaulin or recycled PET bottles. In its previous life a travel bag or suitcase made of a tarpaulin already has seen the world. Meaningful secondary application of used materials is just an important aspect of sustainability.

If you're planning a trip ...

then preferably environmentally friendly to leave as little as possible carbon footprints. And well equipped with eco travel bags and eco-accessories. The travel bags of our eco-conscious sellers are made of raw materials from organic cultivation. Some bags also arise in an upcycling process and reduce the amount of waste. Even on the contrary, initially worthless materials are given a new function, often more stable than standard products. In any case, always unique! And individual eco friendly travel luggage can be recognised faster on the baggage conveyor belt.

So what are you waiting for – let's go!

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