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For Birth – Sustainable Products for Baby and Parents

It's not always easy to decide which layette you need. "Do you really need that?" – Many young parents are wondering about the layette. And grandparents, aunts, uncles and neighbours are wondering which gift makes sense for birth. Ok, bodysuits, sleeping bags, baby bottle and skin cream are must-have. Your baby must be changed several times a day, no matter if it spits or something misses the nappy. Whether a breast pump or a diaper pail is useful depends on the needs of the new parents. Greenpicks wants to help you to buy only what you absolutely need and what is important for your baby during the first few weeks. This saves money and protects the resources.

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Mobility with baby: the layette for on the go

Once you have transported your newborn safely in a car seat from the hospital to your home, after a short settling usually daily walks and errands are waiting to be dealt with. Because fresh air is also important for babies such as breastfeeding or baby food. A stroller is very practical. It offers plenty of storage space for nappies, wipes and food. A child's pushchair can be used as a buggy. The vehicle provides the baby with shade in the summer and, equipped with an organic mattress, bed linen, molton cloth and sleeping bag, it keeps the baby warm in winter. When it's very cold outside, a footmuff or baby blanket will add extra warmth. A cover for the pram is now also made of recycled plastic and protects the child from splashes and rain.

Whether a baby carrier or baby sling is the best for you, you should try out. Many babies like the bonding to mother and father especially in the first time. Even the morning walk to the bakery is quickly done with a baby sling. Not only on the road, but also at home, a carrying system can be handy: If your baby sleeps in it, you can calmly take care of the household.

The eco diaper bag is expected to accompany you as long as your baby needs to be swaddled and fed. Many of these baby changing bags are equipped with practical extras and include a changing mat, bottle holders, separate compartments for nappies, washcloths, spare clothes and baby food. These organizers also include compartments for the essentials of mom and dad: a compartment for the cell phone, notepad and laptop. Especially sustainable are diaper bags or backpacks, which can later be used as a shoulder bag, messenger bag or backpack for leisure and work. Ecological and non-toxic materials are a matter of course.
Tip: In principle, any larger bag is suitable as a diaper bag, if you still have a sports bag or a large shopper left over.

Organic baby clothes for birth

Babies grow several inches in the first few weeks of their life. In addition, sometimes is something besides the nappy. And breastfeeding and feeding usually does not work without spitting. The following list should help you to find out how much initial equipment is necessary for the baby. As a rule, the baby clothes should be made of soft organic materials (e.g., organic cotton) and divided in size 50/56 and size 62/68. Depending on the season with long sleeves and/or short sleeves. Of course, there is also the eco layette for premature babies in size 40.

  • 5 to 8 small bodysuits made of organic cotton with press fastening on the side or to tie on the side or as a bodysuit that can be wrapped or
  • 5 to 8 undershirts with panties
  • 6 T-Shirts or sweaters, short-sleeved or longsleeved
  • 5 to 6 Playsuits, trousers or overalls made or organic cotton, terrycloth
  • 4 to 5 tights or leggings with foot (eco wool or organic cotton)
  • 2 hats or beanies in size 37 and 39 (a thin and a thick one made of organic cotton, if needed be lined with organic cotton fleece)
  • 2 pair of mittens, for outdoor and as shelter from scratching
  • 2 pair of booties and woolen socks in size 15/16
  • 3 pair of baby socks
  • 2 to 4 sleepwear made of organic cotton, terrycloth
  • 2 hoodies or jackets (a thick and a thin one, size 62/68)
  • 3 Muslin
  • 1 Blanket for wrapping, 75 x 100 cm (not for covering the baby, danger of suffocation!) or
  • 1 muslin swaddles or swaddle bag or swaddling blanket
  • 1 Sleeping bag

And last but not least, friends and acquaintances like to give babies first outfits to the newly parents. So do not buy too many very small things. Better a little bit larger, and then roll up the sleeves. Some organic online shops at Greenpicks offer special "baby clothes that grow with."

Organic equipment in the baby room

Sleep is sacred. Especially young parents appreciate, if the night's sleep is not unnecessarily shortened, because the offspring sleeps in their bed. The layette also includes a suitable baby bed. Be sure to use non-toxic materials when setting up the baby room. This applies to the cot as well as mattress, underpacking, fitted sheets, duvet, bed linen and sleeping bag. Non-toxic materials include organic wood, organic cotton, eco wool and natural water-based paints (e.g. for baby furniture). Organic seals like Blue Angel, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Natural Textile IVN certified BEST, OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 are certifying baby articles proven to harmful substances. A mobile or a music box sweetens falling asleep, if parents are just too tired to sing a lullaby to their little darling.

Parents, worried that their baby might fall off the baby changing table, wrap it on a soft, skin-friendly padding on the floor. As a baby's changing unit any sufficiently high and deep dresser with drawers is also suitable. Also practical are a baby's changing shelf or a top for the bathtub. If a new purchase of the baby changing station is necessary, pay attention to pollutant tested materials. From an environmental point of view, compostable diapers, organic nappies are preferable to disposable diapers. In addition, they are more skin-friendly than the disposable nappies, can be washed and do not burden the landfills.

The baby cradle proves to be particularly practical. The hammock can be anchored to the ceiling or to a frame and be installed space-saving in many places in the flat; almost always where you are. Your baby will be gently rocked to sleep in a cradle. A dream, especially if the baby hammock is made of organic cotton. The baby feels well and secure.

After birth: breastfeeding or feeding

When you breastfeed your baby, you need very little equipment. To make it more relaxed for both mother and child, you need

  • 2 to 3 nursing bras
  • Nursing pads (sustainable ones are washable made of silk mixture instead of disposable pads)
  • Burp cloths (eg., muslin made of organic cotton)
  • Eventually a nursing pillow in organic quality (is perhaps already in place from pregnancy?)

Not all mothers can or want to breastfeed their baby. Then the newborn is fed with the baby bottle. The following purchases are necessary:

  • 4 to 6 milk bottles made of glass or plastic tested for harmful substances (BPA-free)
  • 3 to 4 feeding bottle teats (size 1) made of natural rubber
  • 2 tea bottles including teat for tea
  • 1 bottle brush
  • Baby starter food (also available in organic quality!)
  • Burp cloths (e.g., muslin squares)
  • Eventually a nursing pillow in organic quality

Accessories for breastfeeding and feeding are can be found at Greenpicks always in ecological quality.

Organic baby care products

The thin and sensitive baby skin needs little care. It is sufficient to clean the baby with a soft, damp organic washcloth and lukewarm water. Then dry it with a pre-warmed terry towel or organic cotton hooded bath towel.

For the care of the sensitive baby skin in the first months you need the following accessories:

  • Wash gloves or washcloths: for washing and to pat dry
  • Pure organic plant oil: as a bath additive for dry, slightly flaky skin; to remove stubborn cream and dirt residues
  • Ointment: zinc oxide based sore protection cream for inflamed bottoms
  • Baby fatty cream: to protect the face when it is freezing cold
  • Possibly baby hairbrush

Baby care products should always be dermatologically tested and contain as few ingredients as possible. And these ingredients should be from certified organic farming. Here you can be sure that the raw materials are cultivated without pesticides and harmful fertilizers and processed gently. Organic cosmetics for babies are free of preservatives, dyes and perfumes, plasticiser, mineral oils and essential oils. This reduces the risk of allergies significantly.

What else could you take care of when purchasing the eco layette?

Babies do not need much. Nevertheless, some accessories are practical companions and make everyday life with baby easier. If your newborn needs a pacifier, a dummy chain and soother bag are helpful accessories that complement the initial equipment. If the baby spits out the comforter attached to the dumm chain, it does not end up on the floor and does not get dirty. The soother bag protects from dirt when you need to keep the dummy with other utensils in your handbag.

Gifts for birth

In principle, everything what babies need in the first few weeks and months is suitable as a gift for birth. Grandma and grandfather, godmother and godfather like to dig deep into their pockets, to give the young parents and the earthlings a layette set. If you want to pay a little attention for birth and consider the ecological demands of the parents at Greenpicks you will find baby toys, mobiles, teething aids, soothers and pram chains. Tastefully designed and of course without pollutants!

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