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Neck Cushions at Greenpicks

Organic Neck pillows, neck rolls and neck cushions for a natural posture

An unsuitable pillow can also cause back pain as well as neck and shoulder problems such as a lack of breaks for relaxation, lack of movements, drafts as well as physical and mental stress. To counteract strong tension in the neck area, organic neck pillows, neck rolls and neck cushions can support the correct sitting and lying position. These orthopedic pillows are to be adjusted to the preferred sleeping position. While side-sleepers are well-bedded with a body pillow, back-sleepers use a flat pillow with two undulating elevations, between which the neck lies. Abdominal sleepers need a pillow that adapts flexibly to the frequently changing position.

A neck pillow is a tool to relieve a strained neck and further on the shoulders. Beneficial to one's own health and care, the orthopedic pillows should positively influence the natural posture. For persistent symptoms you should consult a specialist.

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Ecological standards for neck pillow, neck roll and neck cushions

In discounters through bed specialised shops to online purchasing at Greenpicks, neck support pillows can be purchased in many places. But in terms of non-toxic quality it is worth to look closely to the ecological nature of the support pillows. Because we finally bed our head night after night upon it. A cover made of organic cotton or pure new wool from species-appropriate husbandry surrounds various fillings. The vegan pillow fillings for neck pillows, neck cushions and neck rolls include e.g. seaweed, kapok, lyocell and TENCEL® (cellulose fibres), cherry pits, spelt husks, millet hulls, corns and herbs. Wool beads, feathers and down are fillings of animal origin. Consumers can detect organic neck pillows on various eco labels, such as "Naturtextil IVN certified BEST", Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Blue Angel. Pollutant-free raw materials, environmentally friendly production and fair production conditions are among the ecological standards. Textile trust is provided by the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, which checks the bedding for certain pollutants.

Smooth and stable: Fair Trade natural rubber and organic cold foam

Eco-friendly cushioning made of natural latex means 100% natural rubber, which comes from fair trade. The Fairtrade and Fair Rubber registered association certify pillows and mattresses that meet the criteria of fair trade in natural rubber. Thus, the fair labels support the environmentally friendly production of natural rubber and the working and living conditions of the raw material growers.

Eco cold foam and visco-foam are soft and smooth fillings for neck support pillows. The synthetically manufactured foam types are kind to the skin and are tested for harmful substances when tested according to the guidelines of the Quality Association for Ecologically Tolerable Latex Mattresses (QUL), the International Association of Natural Textile Industry (IVN) and Oeko-Tex® Standard 100. In addition, it is important for the environment that foam and gelatinous fillings must be recyclable.

Most cushion fillings are considered soft and smooth, breathable and moisture-regulating, except cold foam and visco-foam. People who sweat heavily should prefer neck pillows with natural fillings and an organic pillowcase.

If bacteria and house mites forget themselves – allergy-friendly neck pillows

In particular allergy sufferers benefit from certified and mite-repellent materials. For example, the anti-allergy seal Nomite offers orientation on allergy-compatible neck pillows. Regardless of whether neck support pillows or feather pillows – only by regular cleaning appropriate hygiene is possible to eradicate bacteria and house dust mites. That's why most organic neck pillows and pillowcases are washable.

The neck roll, a relative of the neck pillow

The organic neck roll is known from physiotherapy and medical treatments, the sausage-shaped relative of the neck pillow. Also used as a knee cushion, the cylindrical pillow supports the knees, arms or neck area to comfortably hold the body parts. Whether for a short nap, a nap or during the night – an organic bolster with the right degree of hardness and the appropriate organic filling can prevent poor posture during sleep. Skin-friendly and pollutant-tested, a neck roll is the orthopedic alternative to the classic down pillows. It effectively prevents tension and puts the neck in the right position.

The organic neck cushion: Keep your posture while napping

Everyone knows the unpleasant feeling when the head tilts to one side during a nap because the neck does not find a proper hold. In the end, you wake up in the train, in the plane or in the car wrinkled and crumpled and feel tired. That can be prevent by neck cushions. The U-shaped cushions have a good supportive function. As for neck support cushions and neck rolls, for neck cushions only those materials are processed that are tested for harmful substances and friendly to the skin. An organic cotton cover with grain fillings has a cooling effect, while a neck pillow with a lambskin pillow slip filled with wool beads exhales warmth. Natural skins meet the criteria of farm animal welfare and housing and are vegetable-tanned.

Practical and hygienic: cushioning and pillow case are washable in the washing machine and also recyclable. With regard to environmental protection, fairness and respect for man and nature, strict ecological guidelines and pollutant levels apply. Neck cushions are not only ideal travel companions but are also suitable for a nap during your lunch break in the office, in your own deck chair in the garden or on the settee.

Neck support pillows, neck roll and neck cushions? – Test them!

Reviews about a neck pillow give an impression of the properties of the pillow. However, the experiences of other users cannot be transferred 1:1 to your own needs. Ultimately, just rely on your own opinion and test them, regardless of whether you want to use the supportive cushion for prevention or acute. When buying online, pillow manufacturers therefore offer the option of extensively testing neck support pillows, neck rolls and neck cushions at home for between 14 days and 100 nights. If you are satisfied, just keep it. Otherwise, you can send back the neck support pillow. Please make sure that it is not dirty or damaged.

By the way, did you know that at Greenpicks you can also get almost all fillings for refilling? With organic spelt husks, organic millet hulls, seaweed, and certified organic wool beads you can fill the pillow according to individual needs and to determine the degree of hardness itself. In addition, the life of the organic spelt neck pillow and organic millet pillow is extended. A noteworthy aspect that saves money and protects resources.

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