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Bowls at Greenpicks

Bowls in non-toxic and long-lasting quality

Whether minimalist, single household or large family – bowls of different sizes are indispensable. Their functions range from the preparation of food, the storage and keeping of leftovers to the freezing of soups, herbs, and blanched vegetables. And precisely because these containers come into contact to food every day, a harmless, long-lasting quality is advantageous.

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Sustainable bowls of glass, porcelain, bioplastics and bamboo

Bowls made of glass, bioplastics, porcelain, and stainless steel are the perfect helpers to serve your food. As a single piece or as a set, with or without lid, plain or colorful or three-dimensional porcelain bowls with a funny facial expression – at greenpicks.de you can expect a sustainable variety of bowls.

The organic quality of glass bowls is characterized by the fact that the glass is free from lead and cadmium. It is also recyclable, so that new products can be produced from the waste glass. Bowls made of bioplastics and bamboo are free of plasticizers, e.g. BPA. Plasticizers are considered to be carcinogenic and should, in our view, not come into contact with anything we eat, that is taken into your mouth. Porcelain bowls in sustainable quality are also free of pollutants. If provided with coloured decorations, the colours are based on organic raw materials and free from heavy metal.

Bowls for desserts, fruit, and salad

Bowls are usually used for starters, salad and desserts. Larger bowls serve as a serving aid for vegetables, potatoes, rice, and spaghetti bolognese. Cereals, Bircher muesli or fruit muesli with fresh fruit for breakfast is best from a muesli bowl of porcelain. These bowls are also suitable for drinking a milk coffee; so to say the French way to enjoy your morning coffee.

An invitingly filled fruit bowl made of lead-free glass can also prevent some in the office from grasping the plate with the sweets. A glass bowl is versatile. Depending on the size, you can arrange lettuce or use it as a little bowl for dips.

Those who love salads will appreciate the benefits of a large salad bowl made of glass or bioplastics. It is handy if you have plenty of room to mix the ingredients. Bowls at Greenpicks are not just sustainable, but also multifunctional. They are suitable for storing and transporting food. A lid prevents the salad or the dessert from leaking in the basket on the way to the party.

Stackable bowls for freezer, oven and microwave

Most bowls are resistant to cold and heat, so they can be used in the freezer, oven, and microwave. The compact design allows for space-saving the stacking of bowls in the kitchen cabinet. The particularly resistant glass promises a long lifetime.

For a children's birthday there are practical sets of stackable bowls, with or without lid, made of bioplastics. Muffins, homemade french fries, vegetable sticks and chocolate pudding can be placed on the table. In a household with small children or for picnics and camping the cheap, break-proof material often turns to account. For recycling, some manufacturers even take back the dishes of bioplastics after their lifetime.

Decorative bowls of wood and pasture

Decorative wooden bowls made of oiled olive wood, bring Mediterranean flair and green lifestyle to your home. Bowls made of wood have eco-friendly quality if the wood used comes from sustainable forestry. Among other things, to be recognized by the FSC seal. Finished with natural oils or organic glazes, which are food-safe. In the widest sense, the wicker basket is also a bowl, for fresh rolls, whole-grain bread and fruit can be served appetizingly. Manufactured according to traditional craftsmanship, the pasture for the fruit and bread basket comes from renewable resources.

Bowls at Greenpicks come from well-known manufacturers such as Trendglas Jena, Fiftyeight Products and Nature's Design. All companies are specialized in sustainable, practical and beautifully designed articles for household, home and living.

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