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Messenger Bags at Greenpicks

Practical eco accessories: messenger bags - courier bags

The term messenger bag has not only firmly anchored itself in the German language, but the practical shoulder bag is for many years a very popular accessory for men, women, children and adolescents. The English term stands for courier bag. As it did centuries ago, it serves to transport documents and messages. Adapted to today's needs, messenger bags are often equipped with a padded laptop compartment to protect digital devices from scratches and bumps.

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Zeitgeist and traditional design – Upcycling Messenger Bags

The diversity of materials also corresponds to today's zeitgeist without the messenger bag losing its traditional appearance, because sustainability is an ongoing trend. For upcycling messenger bags, leather, canvas, coffee sack, tea bag, disused sails, parachutes and wetsuits, sturdy cotton fabric from the military sector, truck tarpaulin, car tires and bicycle tubes are recycled. Almost any durable material can be upcycled to messenger bags.

Innovative designers work with sheltered workshops or small factories around the world sew this type of eco shoulder bags. To ensure that nothing strange is going on there, that is, that the people involved in the production are treated and paid fair and that minimum social standards are adhered to, the manufacturers commit themselves to ecological standards. These include the Fairtrade® seal or the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), an initiative to improve social standards in a global value chain.

The messenger bag as a business bag

The classic-style messenger bags are made of vegetable-tanned leather. A clear partitioning, a spacious inner compartment for DIN A4 documents, small pockets for pens, USB stick and smartphone as well as a zipper for keys and purse ensure that everything is handy and neatly stowed. The luxurious business bag also has a laptop compartment that protects well padded tablet, laptop & Co. from dirt and rough bumps. So the business trip to the next meeting is as well prepared as the meeting itself.

Thanks to the generous dimension, these shoulder bags can take a lot. The laptop, file folder, lunch box, reusable flask and other utensils you need for everyday work, school and university find their place in the rectangular or square-shaped messenger bags. An reinforced and padded bottom provides additional stability.

Well-shouldered – casual or elegant

In addition to an organized inner separation, the messenger bag is characterized by the fact that it is closed with a flap and has a continuously adjustable shoulder strap. This makes it possible to customize the shoulder bag to almost any body size. So it can be worn in two variants. Once in a casual look with the strap on one shoulder and across the chest, so that the bag is at the level of the lower back. As an alternative to the backpack, the messenger bag is always available, all things are at hand. While knapsacks in most cases radiate sportsmanship or desire to travel, shoulder bags are more urban, elegant and suitable for everyday use. So they are welcome in university life as well as in marketing agencies and software companies. It looks elegant, if the messenger bag is not worn over the upper body, but only is shouldered on one side.

Some models have a handle so that the messenger bag can be worn like a briefcase. And by this ensures a formal appearance everywhere where it is necessary.

Thanks to its large size, it does not only transport textbooks, files, notepad and laptop, but also daily shopping at the weekly market and organic farmer’s shop. Even changing bags are now available in a practical messenger bag look and meet all the demands that parents have on non-toxic and well-structured nappy bags.

Messenger Bags are designed to suit the tastes of women and men. Unisex models can be worn by anyone and will also meet the gender-neutral requirements. Even with messenger bags applies: gender-fair!

Small and compact to have a night out

Mini messenger bags are the stylish option for leisure. Usually when you visit the concert, cinema and cocktail bar, you only carry the most important utensils such as purse, keys, cell phone, handkerchiefs, a little cosmetics and possibly condoms. Similar to their big siblings, the small shoulder bags have a tidy layout, so that even in the dim light of a disco everything is close at hand. Thanks to the shoulder strap, they can be carried just as casually as the practical messenger bags for everyday use.

Eco messenger bags are trendsetters in everyday life

Whether small, fashionably square or in a classic rectangular format – eco messenger bags are trendsetters in everyday life whose trend status is characterized by sophisticated interior design and environmentally friendly natural materials or resource-conserving upcycling materials. Practical in use, and casual to elegant, they always stand for a stylish appearance on a business meeting and for a casual look in college, at leisure and even when shopping. Stylish alternatives to a formal briefcase or a sporty backpack can be found at Greenpicks in classic, sporty or elegant design.

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