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Which characteristics should sustainable girls' socks fulfil?

Sustainably produced socks and stockings for girls have to convince with an appealing design and a perfect fit on the one hand. And on the other hand, skin-friendly materials must gently envelop and warm the feet.

Black, white, navy and heather grey socks are casual yet classy and go with every outfit. The look gets creative with socks that have fun prints and delightful patterns.Floral designs and cute figures for girls‘ socks emphasise fashionably striking accents. Proven fashion trends are girls' socks with stripes, hearts, dots and stars in bold colour combinations.

Materials include organic cotton, organic bamboo, hemp and organic wool. These natural fibres are just as durable and breathable as recycled cotton.

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Skin-friendly socks and stockings for girls

Natural materials for girls' socks must meet high requirements. Socks need to be stretchy, durable and supportive, and thus organic fibres are blended with a certain percentage of elastane. This ensures that the children's socks fit snugly and keep them in place during high-impact movements. The organic cotton meets the GOTS criteria. The Global Organic Textile Standard is a leading international standard with comprehensive guidelines for ecological and socially responsible textile production. Organic cotton cultivation avoids genetically modified seeds, the use of pesticides and has a lower water consumption. Fairtrade certified organic cotton guarantees the farmers that it will be purchased at a certain minimum price as well as social and economic standards.

Girls' stockings made from regenerated fibres such as bamboo and hemp must also meet ecological and ethical standards in order to be awarded, for example, the seals 'The Green Button', OEKO-TEX® STANDARD and Fair Wear.

The state seal of the Federal Republic of Germany 'The Green Button' provides consumers with orientation when shopping. The Green Button sets binding requirements to protect people and the environment in the production process of textiles. A total of 46 demanding social and environmental criteria must be met, e.g. waste water limits, a ban on forced labour.

The OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 ensures that the girls' socks have been tested for a total of 100 harmful substances, optical brighteners or similar.

Fair Wear is a kind of "fairness seal" for the textile industry, especially for sewing. The non-profit organisation checks ethical practices in apparel companies.

Colourful, long or short: versatile girls' socks in organic quality

From toe socks to leg warmers to formal hosiery for girls, there are various sock lengths and materials available for different types of shoes, weather, and activities. While classic socks extend up to the ankle bone, sneaker socks end below the ankle and are perfect for low-cut girl's shoes or sports shoes. Elastic cuffs – nothing constricts. With reinforced heel and toe for durability – processed seamlessly. No-show socks are popular summer socks and cover the heel and are invisible when wearing shoes.

Calf-length socks extend up to the knee and knee-high socks fully cover the knee. Girls can, for example, skilfully show them off under skirts or dresses. Girls' sports socks made of bamboo contribute to an optimal foot climate. Bamboo socks are particularly breathable, absorb sweat and transport it to the surface of the fabric. In addition, children's bamboo socks are extremely environmentally friendly because the raw material is sourced from the fast-growing bamboo plant and the viscose used is obtained in an environmentally friendly process. Bamboo socks are wonderful for everyday use or activewear because they are great for controlling sweat and are moisture-wicking.

In the forest kindergarten or on the way to school, wool socks ensure warm and dry feet in muddy weather and on cold days. Ecological standards also apply to sustainable wool socks. They’re a blend of GOTS-certified organic Merino wool from species-appropriate husbandry and GOTS-certified organic cotton. Of course, mulesing-free and dyed with vegetable dyes and non-toxic dyes according to NATURTEXTIL IVN zertifiziert BEST.

Fine wool socks made from natural fibres offer little girls and teenagers warm feet, especially in the cold season. Whether on an outdoor adventure or for a cosy movie night at home: thick girls' socks made from warming materials such as organic merino wool and organic virgin wool offer maximum comfort. Feet are wrapped up cosily like in a cushy cardigan.

Sustainability from head to toe

The young generation is conscious of their carbon footprint. That’s why Greenpicks provides some of the most sustainable socks and stockings for girls around. Whether ankle or crew, wool or organic cotton, hiking or dress socks, discover a wide variety of quirkily designed, cleverly blended, and ethically created socks made from environmentally friendly materials.

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