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Time for health

"If you don’t have time today for your health, you will need a lot of time for your diseases later." stated Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1897), Bavarian priest and hydro therapist. The health consciousness of ecoconscious people has increased significantly and is based on a healthy diet with local ingredients as well as organic foods and is expanded by sport to a healthy lifestyle. A life in harmony with nature underpins the need for a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, stress and hectic in everyday life are major obstacles to living a mindful life and keeping an eye on your health. Thus, the quote of Sebastian Kneipp has lost none of its importance today. Grandmother's domestic remedies, healthy facilities and adjuvant can at least play a part in developing a conscious lifestyle and a sense of healthy natural products. Herbal medicines can relieve and heal ailments and increase the well-being of the body.

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Organic natural remedies for the benefit of health

Conventional medicine often has many side effects that burden the body. Also, it has fallen into disrepute due to medical scandals in recent decades. Natural cure is used as an alternative to academic medicine for the prevention, therapy and alleviation of diseases as well as for the assistance and maintenance of health.

A headache? Symptoms of a cold? Foot sprained or sore throat? Problems to fall asleep? Herbal medicaments can be used for minor ailments. There are many natural remedies that help with mild signs of illness and quickly rid of stomachache, cough etc. In addition to the effectiveness, the deciding factor is the impeccable and high quality of the natural pharmaceuticals. The basis for this can be natural raw materials from certified biological wild collection and certified organic farming. International eco labels (such as the EU organic logo) certify ingredients from organic agriculture. Essential for the quality is the purity. Because no one wants to burden the health in the healing process with synthetic dyestuffs, fragrances and preservatives or residues from conventional cultivation such as pesticides and fertilizers. These ingredients are unnecessary, superfluous and taboo in alternative medicine for the benefit of health.

Natural remedies and therapeutic appliances for pain relief and general well-being

Also organic therapeutic appliances that relieve pain and contribute to the general well-being, such as hot water bottle, cherry stone pillow, cushion with organic spelt husks, massage roller, essential oils for aromatherapy and massaging must be made mainly from environmentally friendly and non-toxic raw materials. These can be natural materials such as natural rubber, organic spelt husks or millet husks and cherry pits, PEFC certified wood and plant-based essential oils (not made artificially!). The ecological standards for natural aids and appliances also include methods that respect people, the environment and nature and are thus energy-efficient, climate-friendly and fair.

Natural remedies appear as globules, drops, tablets, ointments and oils. Not only organic Bach flowers, Schuessler salts and herbal medicines enjoy increasing popularity in addition to homeopathy and globules, but also the use of essential oils in aromatherapy. Among other things, the various natural medications have a healing and soothing effect on nervousness, stress, anxiety and restlessness, colds, sprains and tensions. Especially the child's organism responds well to natural remedies and homeopathic globules. Bach flowers for children are particularly attuned to their life situations, such as difficulties in concentration at school, nervousness of classwork, inner unrest. In general, Bach flowers, Schuessler salts and herbal remedies are suitable for strengthening the immune system and increasing concentration.

The knowledge about the healing power of the herbs is old. For example, there are herbal teas that are used for flatulence, for the remedy of sleep disorders and menopausal syndrome. Bath additive from essential oils release tension. Sugar-free lozenges calm a sore throat. All herbs used are certified organic.

Eco condoms are known to be less of a cure, rather a contraceptive and protection against contagious sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and HIV. Because of immediate body contact, it is even more important that a condom is made of natural materials such as natural rubber and that the stretchy material is not contaminated with any pollutants.

Wellness and conservation of health with home remedies

It does not always have to be herbal drugs to ease everyday ailments or common colds. Household remedies from grandmother's time offer popular ways to relieve headaches, cough etc. The proven leg compress can help with local inflammation and reduce fever. Inexpensive and effective is the use of onions for a cold, earache as well as cough and sore throat. Well-tried domestic remedies can do a lot more. Healing herbs and plants increase the well-being and are easy to use for wellness in your own home.

Natural medicine and its limits

Especially if Western medicine is at its wit’s end, more and more people are open to natural medicine. The gentle healing process dispenses with chemicals, medicines and the like. For sensitive and ecological people, the gentle alternative to the well-known general medicine is very popular. Alternative medicine has its limitations in severe illnesses, serious disorders or contagious infectious diseases. Nevertheless, naturopathy can be seen as a supplement to conventional medicine. In consultation with the attending physician, natural health professional and your own attitude to natural therapies may help to decide whether the combination of aggressive drugs and alternative medicine is the proper way. Greenpicks can accompany you with the organic products related to health and wellbeing in this way, but due to legal regulations does not provide medical advice. The well-known saying applies: "Ask your doctor or pharmacist".

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