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Ecological rugs & mats

Personal needs and preferences decide whether an apartment is equipped with rugs and mats. Optically, rugs & mats provide a nice atmosphere and, depending on the shape, colour and size they set subtle to brilliant accents in the room. Also their functional effect is not to be underestimated. In large or high rooms, they counteract reverberation effects and improve the room acoustics and the sense of space. Carpets and mats shelter sensitive feet from the cold and in the entrance area, footmats collect mud of dirty shoes. Ecological rugs and mats for children offer additional sitting accommodations as well as areas for playing and cuddling. If you get out of the warm bathtub or shower, you do not want to stand on cool tiles or slip on them. Bathroom rugs and bath mats offer warmth and a safe footing. Naturally, the products in the category rugs & mats also meet the Greenpicks sustainability criteria, which meet our requirements for quality, natural and environmental protection, recycling and upcycling as well as fairness and durability.

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Natural materials for your wellbeing, tested for harmful substances

Naturally, people come deliberately in closer contact with home textiles. A proper quality is important both for the skin, the airways and the room climate. Therefore, rugs and mats made of natural materials should be preferred. Be it cotton, wool, bamboo, sisal, coconut, wood or modern fibre blends – the raw materials must be free from harmful substances. This applies from the cultivation through the processing to the final product. Toxic substances are forbidden throughout the production chain. Any ecological flooring must be free of any hazards to the health and well-being of the end user and the people involved in the production process. This also applies to nature and the environment. For example, eco labels such as the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Fairtrade or FSC® characterise ecological materials and fair manufacturing processes.

Resource-efficient and unique are so-called upcycled rugs and mats. Used materials such as fire hose, inner tube, safety belt, wool remnants, fabric residues, wood, coffee bag and much more is given a second life and processed to extraordinary carpets and mats.

Natural floor covering for comfort in all rooms

In addition to the shape, size, colour and pattern, the choice of floor covering also determines the type of material to be choosen. Soft and easy to care for children's cosy corner; a cosy deep-pile carpet in the bedroom and a rustic, stain-resistant rug with short fibres in the living room. In a tiled bathroom, bathroom rugs make the cool atmosphere more comfortable. Homely and practical is also a bath mat made of wood, alternatively beechwood, thermos wood or other wood in organic quality or from regional forestry.

With a natural rug you can decorate comfortably your living area. Wooden mats are practical furnishing which inspire with function and design. Lay the most beautiful ecological rugs & mats at your feet. Natural floor surfacing and biological flooring can be found at Greenpicks.

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