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Organic, eco-friendly, and natural women's T-shirts for a variety of outfits

As fashionable standard equipment eco T-shirts for women belong in every wardrobe. Who foregrounds organic quality, is more interested in quality than quantity. Because even with a few basic shirts various outfits can be combined. The range of colours, styles, lengths, materials, and designs are contemporary because eco fashion for women has for some time discarded the sackcloth and ashes look. The cliché of natural fashion embossed in previous years is outdated, because "Social Eco Wear" has established as an image.

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Sustainable T-shirts: the all-rounder of women's outerwear

The T-shirt is the all-rounder of women's clothing. The classic is the plain-coloured short or long sleeve with round neck (round neck shirt) or V-neck (V-shirts). It is the relaxed combination partner for sweatpants, jeans, or shorts. However, into the limelight, you get with shirts with colourful patterns, applications, or trendy prints. It is important that applications comply with environmental standards and are free of harmful substances. The same goes for striking prints. These are often applied with silk screen printing by hand. For eco shirts only non-toxic dyes are used, which are often based on plants. Heavy metals are taboo as well as animal ingredients. A big advantage for vegans who are looking for vegan fashion. Cotton from certified organic farming and other natural fibers such as hemp are commonly used raw materials for women’s t-shirts. Recognisable by organic seals as NATURTEXTIL IVN certified BEST, Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) and GOTS.

Casual Look, simple Elegance, sporty or Ethno Style

Instead of casual leisure look – T-shirt, jeans, sneakers – with pumps made of organic leather and subtle eco accessories you create the perfect evening outfit. Depending on the model with a tunic shirt arises a casual look, simple elegance or ethno style. Long sleeve shirts and turtleneck shirts are perfect basics for the cold season. Worn under a blazer or with elegant trousers, you are perfectly dressed for the office and for the after-work party. Combined with sweater, hoodie and jeans turtleneck shirts and longsleeves top off the leisure outfit.

The T-shirt is the right choice also in sports activities. The functional shirts are distinguished in that they are breathable. A pleasant skin climate is provided by the mixture of materials and the pollution-free dyeing. Particularly environmentally friendly are sporty T-shirts which are made of a yarn from recycled plastic bottles. At the end of their lifetime, the sports shirts can be recycled again. From the obtained recycled yarn, new shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirt can be produced.

Organic T-shirts for women combine design and sustainability

Combine your favorite T-shirt with skirts, jeans, or leggings. So, your clothing style is varied with a few tops. Whatever eco shirt you choose, one thing is certain: in terms of design and sustainability you attract attention. The trendy classic and basic shirts are delivered by the online stores at Greenpicks right up to the doorstep.

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