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Sustainable decorations for cosiness

If you follow the English proverb "My Home is my Castle", home is a place of safety. Here, furniture usually has a specific purpose. Only decorations give your own four walls that certain something. They transform every room into a place of safe haven with a feel-good character. Home accessories can be both eye-catching and practical. This is particularly important for small apartments and for a minimalist lifestyle.

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Sustainable decorating

In addition to the design and type of decoration, the materials play a role. Wood, glass, porcelain and stainless steel are in tune with each other. Everything that is decorative and sustainable can be made from these materials – from picture frames to storage boxes, figures, candlesticks and vases. Textile home accessories are made of certified organic cotton, linen and wool.

An ecologically oriented household does not only want decorations that give the apartment an individual style. In addition, it should not emit any pollutants into the indoor climate, and its manufacture should not harm people or the environment.On the one hand, sustainable decorative items are characterised by long-lasting materials.

On the one hand, sustainable decorative items are characterised by long-lasting materials. On the other hand, environmentally friendly and resource-saving production shows that manufacturers of eco decoration are particularly responsible for dealing with environment and climate protection. Seals like MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX®, the blue angel, PEFC, FSC, the ECARF seal for allergy-friendly products stand for certain sustainability criteria, such as

  • Wood from local and sustainable forestry
  • materials that have been tested for substances hazardous to health,
  • the further processing of recycled raw materials
  • Materials that are particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.

Decorative accessories from fair trade are not only recognisable by the Fairtrade seal, but the World shop umbrella association also makes an effective contribution to more justice in international trade.

Upcycling decoration

Upycling decorations are particularly noteworthy. Creative manufacturers use already existing materials that are in the material cycle. With a lot of skill, new lanterns, carafes and vases are handcrafted from recycled glass. Old picture frames are repaired and highlight photographs and drawings by their shabby chic. Used cotton is washed and e.g. processed into colourful garlands. In the industrial look, recycled metal is predominant, which is transformed into small shelves, wall hooks, figures.Sheltered workshop are often involved in the upcycling of decorative objects. Within of their reach, the handicapped people can be involved in the creative origination process.

Less is more

Tasteful decoration is essential for a beautiful home. Carefully selected interior accessories reflect the individual touch. Sustainability is more than just a trend when it comes to furnishing and equipment for your own four walls. Decoration made of recycled wood and glass is transformed into natural room dividers, wine bottle holders and vases.

A plain kitchen is spiced up with olive wood decoration. A magnetic soap holder is practical and beautiful. An olive wood quiver holds all the practical wooden spoons and cooking utensils. The white fridge is given a Mediterranean touch with fridge magnets made of olive wood. While cooking a glass of wine becomes a memory of holidays in Tuscany and Burgundy.

With vegan candles and candle holders made of olive wood and recycled metal, the dining room and living room get a rustic charm. Coasters made of vegan felt, glass, wood and slate also protect the table surface from stains. On the dining table, your favourite wine floats in a wooden wine bottle holder.

Pillows and blankets create a cosy atmosphere in the bedroom and living room. Organic fillings made from organic millet hulls, organic spellt husks and wool beads offer a special experience when lying. With the appropriate pillow slip made of organic cotton, the comfortable upholstery can be colour-matched to any interior. Plush toys are not just reserved for children to cuddle with. Cute stuffed toys made of alpaca and recycled cotton are often used as a decorative element in the bedroom or guest room.

Scent sachets with organic lavender or natural incense sticks have a relaxing and calming effect. Depending on the mood, the eco fragrance dispensers can be placed in the desired location in the apartment and on the balcony. Organic aromatic oils also ensure that natural scents are dispensed in the room air without emitting pollutants.

If you only want to decorate a room with a few accessories, you can create an impressive ambience with a garland made of handmade paper or recycled cotton as well as some photographs and murals. Colourful garlands look light and exude happiness.

Eco decoration tip: Those who like to set decorative accents with ingredients from nature use blossoms, leaves, twigs and more for seasonal decoration that nature gives voluntarily.

Sustainable decorations at Greenpicks transform a tiny house, apartment, house and balcony into your oasis of well-being!

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