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Dogs pulling toys for the combative play

Dogs love to measure their strength. If no conspecific is ready for a playful fight, the dog owners must deputize as opponents. But man's shoulder joints, arms and hands are usually not designed to withstand this combative play for a long time. For this reason, tugger toys for dogs are a practical tool, even to protect your own body parts from injury during the impetuous play of the dog.

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In the energetic play tug toys have to tolerate a lot. A thick rope knotted at the ends is the classic. Resistant are also dog rings made of recycled hard rubber, softwood branches and balls on a rope. Some tugger toys have surfaces with textures, such as nubs, grooves, bumps and pits. Dog chew bones with nubs, sturdy cuddly and pushing toys are varied dog toys that can even help with dental care, depending on their texture. By rubbing the interdental spaces can be cleaned and the gums are strengthened.

Eco Tugger Toys

Against the background that the dog often has the tug toy in its mouth, an ecological quality is advisable. Pollutant-tested tugger toys are made of materials that were tested for harmful substances according to Standard 100 Oeko Tex. Thus, e.g. Azo dyes, formaldehyde, pentachlorophenol, cadmium or nickel is excluded. Tested vegan dog toy for pulling and tugging carries the seal "PETA-Approved Vegan". This excludes ingredients of animal origin as well as materials tested on animals. An environmentally friendly alternative are also tugger toys, which are created by upcycling. In this creative process, recycled plastics, sailing and climbing ropes, recycled leather and more is processed to robust upcycling dog toys. Thus, eco-friendly toys save resources and the environment.

For the love of dogs and the environment

Tug-of-War strengthen the social bond between human and dog. The game with chewing rings and ropes should always take place under supervision, because instinctively, dogs tend to gnaw away their toys or even "eat them up". As an educational toy it supports the exercise to give things back on command. Educational success can be rewarded to positive reinforcement of the dog with a treat or tender loving care.

For the collective play of puppies, dogs and humans, the organic online dog shops at Greenpicks offer only sturdy tug toys in ecological quality. It protects the four-legged friends as well as the environment from pollutants.

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