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Bar Supplies at Greenpicks

Sustainable Bar Supplies

Whether sweet and fruity, mild or sour, or with a tart flavour – most people associate a cocktail with an intense taste adventure that gives treat. Sustainable bar supplies ensure that cocktails and long drinks also succeed at home.

The category bar supplies at Greenpicks has the most important utensils and tools for the house bar and for professional bartenders. These include drinking straws made of glass, stainless steel and paper, muddler, knives, long stirring spoons, ice cube maker, cocktail glasses, bottle holder and fruit press. The bar equipment is characterised by sustainable quality from established manufacturers.

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Plastic-free Bar Tools

The perfect shaped glass has a big influence on the cocktails taste and presentation. Plastic decoration for drinks is pleasing to the eye but superfluous; the focus is rather on consumption of the ingredients and the sense perception. A glass drinking straw or bar utensils made of stainless steel are not only tasteless, but can also be used for a long time thanks to their robust materials. At the end of their useful service life, bar accessories made of stainless steel, glass and bioplastics are recyclable.

Tip: Instead of relying on "disposable decorations" for cocktails, tea light holders and candlesticks made of olive wood create an atmospheric ambience. And snacks such as saltsticks, savoury biscuits served in dip bowls made of porcelain, glass or wood tempt to grab for them.

Bottle Cooler with ecological potential

The classic bottle cooler is usually made of robust stainless steel. But models made of exclusive olive wood, oak wood or glass are also popular as cooling box for wine, sparkling wine, champagne and mineral water. The coolers are usually double-walled and thus ensure an even better cooling effect. A great side effect: Bottle coolers made of stainless steel, glass and wood are not only convincing due to their sustainable quality, the materials also stand for a noble look that gives every table that certain something.

Durable and robust Accessories for Barkeeping

Even behind the bar, things have to be hygienic and well organised. And when it comes to storing cocktail ingredients, durable accessories also ensure that mixing drinks is done in a way that conserves resources without having an unpleasant effect on the quality of the cocktails.

The categories storage, kitchen accessories and glasses and glassware are linked to service accessories with equipment such as glasses for long drinks and cocktails, bottle openers, corkscrews, trays, coasters but also utensils for the plastic-free storage of ingredients and the environmentally friendly selection of washing-up liquid and cleaning products.

Pineapple juice, coconut cream, etc. are ingredients for cocktails that are often canned. To open these, a tin opener and a funnel for decanting juice and syrup are indispensable. The basic equipment also includes a grater and zester as well as a measuring cup. The so-called jigger (also called alcohol or bar measurement cup) is a measuring tool used to ensure that they pour accurate amounts of alcohol into every drink. Robust materials ensure that the bar accessories can be used for a long time.

Barware and Bartender Supplies with ecological added value

Discover useful bar supplies with ecological added value to prepare a great cocktail and a non-alcoholic mixed drink. Both amateur bartenders and professionals know best that only high quality allures the taste buds. At Greenpicks, we are convinced that the use of eco-friendly bar accessories ensure an increase in environmental protection without temper delicacies.

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